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Kate Middleton Says Like Every Mother, She Too Suffered From Mommy Guilt. We Love How Candid She Is

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There are a few privileges you get when you marry into the royal family. For example, I imagine Kate Middleton doesn’t have to worry ki ‘aaj khaane mein kya banau?’. Or what to wear to a cousin’s wedding because you have designers at your disposal. From the outside, it seems awfully easy. However, royal or not, we imagine emotionally, we are all the same. We all feel. Please give me a moment. I am thrilled that Kate Middleton and I feel the same emotions. Just wow. Turns out, she’s not completely alien from the common woman’s emotions, the Royal Highness too goes through the same roller coaster of emotions and feelings ranging from anxiety to guilt to loneliness. How do we know this?  Kate Middleton recently opened up about this in a special podcast.

Making her appearance in the “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” podcast on Saturday that scaled through topics of childcare and motherhood, the Duchess opened up about her own experiences of becoming a mother to three children – George, aged six, Charlotte, four and Louis, 20 months. And contrary to the popular expectation, where we were expecting her to dole out tales of how easily and flawlessly motherhood came to her,  she got real candid with her answers and we are surprised.

Admitting to going through feelings of anxiety and performance pressure all the time, she said, “anyone who doesn’t as a mother is actually lying”. Although not coming from personal experience on this one, but a close second, considering my mother’s opinion on this is as personal I can get to the story here, it is true that every mother feels like she is under her own scrutiny when it comes to taking care of her child. Women often are unreasonably harsh on their selves trying to measure up to unrealistic standards.

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🎧 SOUND ON — listen to a clip of The Duchess of Cambridge talking with @MrsGiFletcher about her own childhood experiences and the importance of the early years. Their full conversation will be released as a special episode of Giovanna’s ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ podcast – a series of frank and warm conversations with mums and dads covering all aspects of parenthood, from tackling loneliness, to being a single parent. On this Early Years episode, The Duchess discusses her '5 Big Questions on the Under Fives' – a quick, online survey which aims to spark a national conversation on the early years that will ultimately help bring about positive, lasting change for generations to come. Visit the link in our bio 🗣️ to have your say on the biggest ever national conversation on the early years #5BigQuestions

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She said, “Questioning your own decisions, and your own judgments, and things like that… I think that starts from the moment you have a baby. I totally underestimated the impact and the change it had on our lives.” And we can only imagine what that must be like. To suddenly have the entire dynamics of your life changed can never be easy, and the fact that Kate Middleton here could agree to it and be real about it, was heartening and reassuring to hear at the same time.

When asked about whether or not she ever found herself suffering through ‘Mommy’s guilt’, Kate replied by saying, “yes, absolutely”. She then continued saying, “definitely would have done things different… knowing what I know now” referring to her first pregnancy with Prince George. She also mentioned, “William didn’t feel he could do much to help and it’s hard for everyone to see you suffering without actually being able to do anything about it,” but then went on to say how she, “found a new enjoyment out of life” after having three kids.

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“I’ve got this one photo of Charlotte smelling a bluebell, and really for me it’s moments like that mean so much to me as a parent. • I try every day to put moments like that in, even if they’re small or even if I don’t have time”. • Swipe 👉 to listen to The Duchess of Cambridge speaking about her experiences as a parent on the ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ podcast with @MrsGiFletcher. On the special podcast, The Duchess spoke about the importance of the early years, and about her landmark ‘5 Big Questions on the Under 5s’ survey. It takes just 5 minutes to have your say in the biggest ever conversation on early childhood — visit the link in our bio to answer The Duchess’s #5BigQuestions. Photo © The Duchess of Cambridge

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Talking about everything from morning sickness to feeling inadequate at times, Kate opened up about how the pregnancy strained her just like any other mother, and we could relate to every word she said. And just like that, we found ourselves and young mothers finding relatable words from a duchess, reassuring us, that at the end of the day, we’re all just the same.

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