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5 Songs That Will Give You Full Karvachauth Feels This Season

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Every year when I see my mom making more than usual appointments for the spa and parlor, getting the greys in her hair covered and taking extra good care of her nails, I know it’s time for Karwa Chauth. You see, like every woman willing to diet for her husband, karwa chauth is a big deal for her. And to my delight, so it is for my father, who too keeps a fast that day until  the moon comes out. From readying up and giving present day brides a run for their money, to getting home the tastiest sweets and mathi, we are the ones who go all out. Perhaps the only reason why I am fond of the tradition, considering my parents have always altered it in a more balanced way.

Which is why whenever it’s round the corner, I try to make the most of it with my family, which includes being part of the festivities and sometimes even becoming their in-house DJ.

It also helps that I thoroughly enjoy playing these songs that can go from romantic to cloying pretty quickly so my parents throw each other looks of exasperation, wondering why they must be saddled with this nautanki child that is me.  Anyway, I ignore them and continue to enjoy playing these numbers, and these are the ones that always make it to the list.

Chand Chhupa Badal Main

Because is it even Karwa Chauth if the moon doesn’t act all pricey that day?

Bole Chudiyaan

As close as it gets to representing a grand South Delhi karwa chauth affair..

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Mera Mahi Bada Sona Hai

And all the other things you say to your husbands that day so they come home on time!

Ghar Aaja Pardesi Tera Des Bulaaye Re

Except in this case, the one calling you is your hungry and getting-restless-by-the-minute wife!

Gali Main Aaj Chand Nikla

If only it were that easy and we could all claim our husband’s face is what we need to see to break our fast.

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