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Karnataka Got 28 Post Offices With All-Women Team To Create More Employment Opportunities For Women. This Is A Good Start.

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Several women in our country are highly dependent on their husbands for financial security and that somehow makes the men feel like they have an upper hand in their relationship. In fact, so many women stay in abusive relationships just because they have no way to support themselves. They take all the violence and abuse they are subjected to, living the kind of lives they definitely don’t deserve.

In fact, it’s not just about abuse. A lot of women want to be standing on their own feet and being the co-breadwinner instead of just being the roti maker of the house. Considering the patriarchal nature of our society which also quite obviously extends to our professional lives, women don’t get the opportunities we deserve. Thankfully, that’s changing and how.

Around women’s day, all-women post offices have been established all over India, as reported by Times of India. While Mumbai got its 2nd all-women post office just earlier this year, Karnataka Postal Division now has 28 post offices managed by women. Charles Lobo, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle revealed, “By April, when transfers are carried out, we will ensure that places, which do not have an all-women office, will have one.”

Things are looking bright and I am loving how India Post is expanding its women force. Sub Post-Master T R Radha Mani told The New Indian Express, “People always express their happiness when they see an all women-team here.” Sowmya V Agadi, an employee at the Rajaji Nagar said, “It is really nice to have women as your colleagues with whom you can discuss all your problems. Women fully understand the struggle to maintain the balance between home and work.” It’s great because these women will have bosses and teammates who exactly understand them and it will help them manage their domestic lives as well.

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Just a few days ago, the Indian Railways sanctioned an all women’s crew for the Rajya Rani Express train. We also have an all women team of firefighters which is the largest in Asia. This could be the stepping stone for a lot of women who want to be out there, being independent and giving their life some meaning. It could help reduce the prejudices women face professionally by protecting our interests and  improve availability of opportunities.

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