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Kareena Kapoor Shares How Saif Ali Khan Silently Supports Her. Where Do We Find A Husband Like Him?

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Whenever I imagine what my boyfriend who will then become my husband will be like, I always picture him as someone like Saif Ali Khan. Of course, reality has no role to play in this. I am not saying that just because the man is a treat to the eyes but also because he is one of the few men who has always charmed women. From being utterly open, confident and secure in his relationship, to being one of the most well-read people in the industry, this nawab has always given us major husband goals. And he does it yet again, as we recently saw his wife and superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan speak about the kind of a husband he is.

At the press conference for her radio show, Kareena Kapoor talked about the second season of her radio show and shared with everyone how convincing her husband Saif Ali Khan is one the most difficult tasks. Saif, is going to be the first guest on the second season of What Women Want, and apparently was tough nut to crack as a guest. Kareena said that he kept asking her what he should come on the show for, and kept up with a bit of his drama.

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Kareena also shared how he has always been there, present as a silent observer and cheerleader for her, wanting her to work and do what she needs to and that is honestly a breath of fresh air in a time when all men want to do is control their women. Kareena said “he’s silently always proud of me and he wants me to go out there and achieve and he is always silently smiling and watching.”

In fact, during the first season of the radio show, Saif also made a call to Kareena to ask her how he could keep his wife happy post the birth of their child, to which Kareena cheekily replied by saying, “It’s really very cheeky of you Saifu to be asking this on national radio, but either way, I shall answer it. I think a husband should just be there for a wife. Baby means a lot of extra responsibilities and if you share them, the wife will automatically be happy.”

Clearly men like him are not just found in the likes of a fairytale or a novel, but  are as real as the misogyninst pricks out there. Here’s hoping we too find ourselves a secure and a supportive husband like Saif who doesn’t shy away from lauding his wife and often admitting how she might be a bigger star at times.

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