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This Is What Kareena Kapoor Did Post-Pregnancy To Get Those Rock-Hard Abs!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan – a fabulous actor, a super mom, and the current owner of the most enviable post-pregnancy body – is seriously giving us major goals! And the fact that she has the perfect wardrobe to flaunt her ridiculously hot body is not helping! From strutting down the runway for Manish Malhotra, to her dance moves in Veere Di Wedding, and her boob tube and blazer look from promotional events, Kareena’s managed to turn us all green with envy!

After losing the 18 kgs she had gained during her pregnancy, she bounced back to an even better body in 7 months post-partum! Like, how?!?! While team Hauterfly can’t help scrolling through her pictures all day long, we had to go a step further and get the scoop on how Kareena lose her pregnancy weight, and got the body that most of us only dream of!

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This transformation was definitely not a one-man show Celebrity nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, and Bollywood’s favourite Pilates instructor, Namrata Purohit were there to get her back into the body she had rocked in Tashan.

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FAQs on Ghee – Guideline 2 – #RDfitnessproject2018 Hope you are following guideline 1 and 2 consistently. Here are answers to some of the FAQs on Ghee. Keeping them short, you can read details in my books or blogs. 1. I have cholesterol/ high triglycerides/ fatty liver/ BP issues. Can I have ghee? Yes, totally. Ghee regulates cholesterol by increasing contribution of lipids towards metabolism. Cut back on packaged products like biscuits and avoid alcohol not ghee. Ghee is safe. 2. I am overweight/ have diabetes/ pcod. Can I have Ghee? Yes, essential fatty acids like the one found in ghee help accelerate fat loss and even help regulate blood sugars (reduce risk of obesity related diseases). 3. We cook in Ghee, do we need to add extra tsp on top of that? That choice would be yours. Ensure that you are getting around 3-6 tsp of ghee per day/ per person. The key is that ghee should enhance the flavour of food and not mask it. 4. We cook in oil, can we add ghee on top before eating? Yes, you should add ghee. 5. Is the store bought ghee ok if we can’t make at home? Yes, but then check that it is from desi cow milk. Patronise ghee from small gaushalas and small women cooperatives over large corporations. 6. If desi cow ghee not available, can we make from buffalo milk? Yes, you can. This is better than buying ghee from big brands. 7. Options for those outside India? Cultured white organic butter or the clarified butter that is sold in health food stores. Look for free grazing, grass fed cow milk products. 8. How do we know how much ghee to be added in each meal? It depends on what you are eating and this info is part of our collective food wisdom. Foods like dal-rice, khichdi, roti-sabzi will require lesser ghee compared to puran poli, dal baati, bajra roti, etc. Ask your grandmother if you have any confusion. Read the Ghee chapter from "Indian Superfoods" for much more details and uses of Ghee. Online link in bio. Don't forget to fill this week's tracker form here – Week 1 and 2 guidelines are here –

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Kareena Kapoor’s Post-Pregnancy Diet

Rujuta Diwekar had helped Kareena through her size zero phase for Tashan, and she definitely had a role to play in sculpting these abs as well! One of the important things that Rujuta mentioned is that women lose up to 5 years of calcium in just one pregnancy. So she had Kareena consume a lot of yogurt and a glass of milk every day!

Rujuta is also an avid believer in the health benefits of a home-cooked Indian meal, as well as the refreshing Indian drinks like sherbat. In her diet plan, ghee isn’t just allowed, but it is encouraged!

Diwekar mentions that fitness is uncomplicated, inexpensive, and something that everyone should have access too. So your diet doesn’t necessarily need to have all those expensive veggies, even a karela from your nearby bhajiwala can work wonders in your diet.

Kareena Kapoor’s Post-Pregnancy Fitness Routine

After giving birth to the cutest baby EVER, Kareena took this transformation process the natural way, where she didn’t starve herself to get that body instantly, neither did she over exert herself with intense workouts. Behind it all was Namrata Purohit, a celebrity Pilates instructor who has helped Malaika Arora Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and several other Bollywood stars get into shape!

Namrata mentioned that she trained Kareena at least 4 times a week, or even more if she was in town. Kareena’s favourite machine is the reformer on which they experimented with 500-600 different exercises, so they were constantly trying a variety of footwork and challenges on it to keep things interesting. What helped the most is that Kareena was always motivated to work out, come rain or shine.

Oh, and Namrata’s Instagram account is filled with videos of Kareena working out, in case you needed any more inspiration to get your butt moving!


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