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Kareena Kapoor Honestly Criticises Saif Ali Khan’s Films But Also Supports Him Unconditionally

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There’s something about Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as a couple that makes me feel there’s a balance to their relationship. Not like I know them in person, neither is there a Khan version of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – which I would watch because have you seen Taimur? But that’s not the point. I know no facts but I have a strong feeling that they make a great team. They have both similarities and differences, which work perfectly in tandem. It’s like he’s the yin to her yang. While both of them are elegant and classy, Kareena screams royalty than Saif, who occasionally lets the facade of strait-jacketed seriousness slip and allows his humorous side to take over. This gorgeous lady looks stunning, even in her most casual avatar, while I at my glamorous best look like a mere mortal in comparison. So we can tell her taste is more on the classier side. And that’s not how you’d describe Saif Ali Khan’s role in Laal Kaptaan.

Saif, who plays a Naga Sadhu in the film revealed that Kareena hasn’t quite agreed with his film choices lately. “She is like people must be laughing and they are asking me why are you not listening to me? Sometimes she says why are you choosing these films,” Saif revealed. I am not surprised! Clearly, we know Bebo well (she doesn’t know us, is a different story).

However, Saif would like to believe that it’s because Laal Kaptaan is not her kinda movie. “I don’t’s not her kind of movie. She was like great look, fab. But I don’t think this is her kind of a film…this is like kind of, bit of a boys movie. Hopefully I am wrong but at least it’s not her kind of movie, neither Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones…none of these are her kind of movies,” he said.

But like I said, they make a great team. You don’t need to agree to your partner’s choices to support them and Kareena is doing just that. Saif Ali Khan said how Kareena plays a huge role in her career, “She is happy, if I am happy. She is very supportive and her biggest contribution (In Laal Kaptaan) is that she allowed the film to happen peacefully. For 6 months, I was away from her and Taimur but she was superb, she was solid,” he said. This reminds me of (completely unrelated though) the time when Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor were on the cover of Vogue and Mira got trolled! Netizens questioned what she has done to be on the cover of Vogue when all the hard work is Shahid’s. I am glad Saif credited Kareena for making it easier for him to pull this film off!

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Laal Kaptaan is slated to release on October 18, 2019.

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