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Karan Johar’s Latest Debutante Is Not A Star Kid And The Internet Cannot Believe This!

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I would have asked you to drop everything and take a look but then this is so mainstream that I recommend you continue doing whatever you were doing. Look, it’s not like you’re working because clearly you’re here to read an article, possibly on your chai break while you’ve been day dreaming about a vacation. Also, we are lazily inching towards the weekend, so there’s that. Anyway, while you were not looking or, well, looking, Karan Johar announced the third person in the equation that is going to be Dostana 2 and it is a guy called Lakshya.

To quote a certain Kangana Ranaut, Karan Johar is the ‘flagbearer of nepotism,’ so the internet got all excited and decided this was a great time to be snarky. An idea which everyone had and each one thought was entirely unique. So then went on asking Karan Johar whose star kid it was. They pointed out that Lakshya’s last name was not mentioned, which could possibly mean that he belongs to a famous family.

Everyone the comments section was all riled up, another star son was going to be launched and they weren’t having it. However, some people did mention that the guy is a TV face and has gone an entire makeover to be relaunched as a fresh face. And because Karan Johar is active on social media and may be slightly sensitive, he said tweeted, shutting down rumours about the nepotism debate.

Guys, let’s go back, the nepotism is cancelled. This guy went through a ‘legit audition’. Okay, all’s well and good then. We were so worried about it just being another star kid with no credentials but turns out he may have some sort of acting experience. In fact, despite the fact that they tried to erase his TV image, he has been around for a while.

Would this be nepotism? Or well, should we let Karan Johar be?


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