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Kanika Dhillon, The Writer Of Judgemental Hai Kya Is Getting Her Due And She Has Ekta Kapoor To Thank

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They say it takes a village to make a movie, or raise a child but truth be told, both would be entirely correct. From the characters  we see and clap for on screen, to the ones who work behind the scenes and make it all possible, from actors to directors to producers to make up artists to spot boys, it’s a combined team effort that makes the dream work. However, when the time comes to give credit, it is usually the actors and directors that walk away with all the accolades. But not this time around. This time, a woman who is making it all happen for the upcoming movie – Judgemental hai kya, Kanika Dhillon, the writer has received the acclaim she so clearly deserves.

An ace writer, who has delivered moving and hit scripts like Manmarziyaan and Kedarnath, has come up with yet another brilliant piece of work (going by the trailer) – Judgemental Hai Kya, starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao. The movie’s trailer dropped just a few days ago, was a fun and lit affair, with a thrilling storyline that’s got us glued. Just the trailer had us rolling with laughter and we can’t say that for many trailers that we watch. There’s plenty at stake here. This is a comic caper with Kangana in it after a while. Her last movie was Manikarnika.  Early predictions are that this will do just as well as the duo’s first film together – Queen. Or even better, if all goes well. 

And as the praises kept rolling in, Kangana Ranaut, Ekta Kapoor and many others from the industry made sure to credit Kanika for her stellar work. Ekta even put Kanika’s name in the credits even in the trailer- this is a first time a writer’s name has been splashed on the screens even before the movie has opened. It was a sweet gesture, one that writers in the community will certainly appreciate. Being a writer, I know the kind of a kick we get when we see our name in a byline, and I can only imagine the happiness Kanika must have felt for being acknowledged like this.

The industry also took to Twitter to voice out their opinions and doled out some hearty praises for the trailer with Anurag Kashyap going ahead and saying, “Judgemental Hai Kya’s trailer is so so mental… @kanikadhillon @rajkummarrao #kangna #prakash and good to see the writer getting credit in the trailer… good on you @ektaravikapoor.” Others too weren’t behind in sharing their appreciation with overwhelming tweets.

Why writers hadn’t been in the fore, is beyond us, considering it is a script that gets people together and into motion in the first place. However, with things seemingly changing now, we laud Ekta Kapoor for bringing about a change in the industry for writers and anyone else who must be acknowledged for the work they put in. 

The film is due to release on 26th July and we are eagerly waiting to book our tickets!


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