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Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Slams Kiara’s New Film, And For The First Time We Agree With Her!

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Apart from her professional work, Kangana Ranaut is known for being extremely vocal with her point of view on everything, from nepotism to politics. She also often has a random bone to pick with actors from the industry, anyone she deems a threat. Her sister, Rangoli Chandel seems to follow closely in her footsteps, trolling people, and now movies too, on social media. Rangoli recently slammed the title of Kiara Advani’s new film Indoo Ki Jawani, and for the first time, we are tempted to agree with her for the simple fact that the title of the movie does objectify women!

Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter and wrote, “How can a film be called Indu ki Jawani? On one hand we talk about woman empowerment and on other hand we present them like toys …. if censor approves this then its a slap on our faces and our future girl children will forever be ashamed of us that we women didn’t stand for ourselves or them…”

Remember the time when Bollywood was known for sexist movies, where actresses had nothing to do but look good? What could be worse?! Well, objectifying women in item songs, differed payments and a 50-year-old actor romancing an actress half his age… to name a few. Thankfully, actresses like Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan, Richa Chadha and others seem seem to be breaking these stereotypes slowly but surely. But that doesn’t mean that Bollywood’s hypocritical side doesn’t still exist, and this time Rangoli Chandel has pointed it out.

She calls out Bollywood for portraying women as toys or objects. She further concluded her opinion saying, “Sexist Bollywood how do you look your daughters in the eye after making such sexist films #shame.” We hope Bollywood doesn’t go back to its sad past, and we see more empowering movies with strong women characters.

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