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Kangana, We Love Your Bold Attitude But You’re Going Too Far Now

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There’s something incredibly fierce and awe-inspiring when someone calls out people with connections in all the right places. Kangana unleashed a tirade when she called out Karan Johar for his nepotism. The word became a a rage, used everywhere to firmly put emphasis on the privilege star kids are born with. And everyone applauded Kangana for being bold, unabashed and daring. Since then, she’s been the person who won’t mince her words. She’s going to say it like it is, taking one everyone from directors and writers, to politicians and protestors. With Manikarnika, she’s in the news again.  The movie hasn’t raked in the moolah, the registers weren’t ringing at the box office but her acting has been the talk of the town.

Her raw, powerful and fearless opinions have been important, and mostly appreciated but this recent furore seems , a tad, well she may have gone too far this time.

She is treading upon a thin line between radical and ridiculous, and we think she’s finally gone over to the dark side, or so it seems. I mean, we are all up for raising our voices for anything and everything that is wrong in the society and we really do appreciate her unwavering vigour, but at what point does it become too much?

She recently took a dig at actress Alia Bhatt, calling her KJo’s puppet and for not supporting her film- Manikarnika and we can’t help but wonder where this bolt from the blue came and hit Alia. We imagine Alia was going along her merry day, doing Gully Boy things when Kangana accused her not ‘having a spine’.

Honestly, we are all for Kangana but viciously attacking another actress for her choices isn’t bold, just alarming.It is possible that with all the flak that she has faced, Kangana has too much bottled up inside and it has all combusted like this and Alia does look like collateral damage in the outburst, but even then, it’s starting to jar. Kangana, we love your choices of movies, for being unconventional and saying it like it is but now it’s like sour grapes and we don’t support this.

Because now she is clearly just lashing out on whoever is in her line of sight, and we are not sure for how long will she or Bollywood keep up with the rationale-turned-into-rage attitude.


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