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Kangana Ranaut Wants Her Biopic To Be Handled By Sister Rangoli Chandel. Wow, That Will Be Interesting.

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We may not be aware of everything that goes on in Bollywood or even in the lives of the celebrities, but what we do know is that not everything is what it looks like. For instance, never from Deepika Padukone’s demeanor could we gauge that she is suffering from depression. Did we know it when Shruti Hassan was having difficulty with alcohol consumption? There’s just so much mystery and awe around this industry that we love getting our hands on any inside scoop there is. Which is why, when Kangana Ranaut announced that she would be making a biopic on her life, it really caught our attention.

Now we understand that people might not go as crazy as they did for when Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic came out. I mean he is a legend, so naturally when his movie released our country was in a fine frenzy! But I would definitely like to watch Kangana’s biopic for all the masala. We know her as a woman who doesn’t mince her words to accommodate the naysayers. So, even though there are times when I don’t agree with her opinions or feel she overdoes it – I still respect her confidence.

However, if you think Kangana herself will be directly handling it then you’re mistaken. She has handed the torch to her sister Rangoli Chandel and we wonder why. In an interview with Mid-Day, Kangana explained, “Rangoli has some interesting observations about my transformation. If I tell my story, I might be too harsh on myself and may not glorify my achievements, and that is unfair to the struggles. So, it will be better if Rangoli says it truthfully and objectively. I won’t be able to do justice to it. She has a great story to tell herself as an acid attack survivor. The way we found strength in each other and grew up together makes for a beautiful story.”

Well, I do agree that it’s possible that sometimes we get too modest when it comes to our achievements. Honestly, if you compliment me, I will still think you’re just being a sweetheart. So yeah, it’s great that we will actually see how Kangana struggled and overcame the obstacles in her way – be it her accent or making strides in a male-dominated industry. But I also believe that when it comes to her personal life, Rangoli isn’t exactly an “objective” and unbiased source. Of course, it has to be from her perspective but still it should be rather balanced. Also, with her very frequent tasteless remarks on unsuspecting celebrities, I wonder if the biopic will look like another season of Bigg Boss. As a matter of fact, we will watch the biopic anyway for all the uninhibited juice but for the sake of Kangana’s achievements, and I really hope Rangoli doesn’t take class away from it.

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On the work front, Kangana is working on the biopic of the late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha, titled ‘Thalaivi’.

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