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Kangana Ranaut Is Arguing With Shashi Tharoor About Paying Salaries To Housewives. It’s Resulted In Memes!

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We’ve all collectively built this love-hate relationship with Kangana Ranaut. Love because, wasn’t she so amazing in Panga? And hate because, she keeps taking panga with anyone who’s available to engage, on any random topic. What’s more, she even boasts about her ability to engage in these ‘arguments’ over a myriad of topics. Sigh. After her Twitter banter with Diljit Dosanjh last month, which FYI, still continues, the Manikarnika actress is now duelling with another person on Twitter. If my fancy word usage (and his picture above) didn’t give it away, it is none other than our national English teacher, Shashi Tharoor. What is the topic, you wonder? It’s about paying salaries to homemakers, a cause raised recently by Kamal Haasan.

Last month, Kamal Haasan assured that homemakers would “get due recognition though payment for their work at home which has hitherto been unrecognised and unmonetised” if his party won the Tamil Nady assembly elections. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor voiced support for this endeavour on Twitter.

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Kangana Ranaut decided to counter his statement by pointing out that putting a price tag on everything that women do out of love, such as have sex with their husbands, being a mother to their kids and running their homes.

Tharoor then proceeded for a rebuttal, stating that while he did agree with Kangana over not putting a price tag on everything, the idea was more about recognising unpaid labour, which would provide financial security to women who are otherwise dependent on the men in the family for their sustenance.

While Kangana offered no further replies to Tharoor, she kept clarifying her stance to other Twitter users who offered a deferred view point. As always, she seemed to steer the conversation towards notions like dharma, sanskaar and what not, instead of addressing the financial security aspect of it or suggesting better alternatives that she might have had.

See what I mean by weird? What does God and Dharma have to do with washing bartan and making 50 cups of chai a day?

Just when we thought that this couldn’t get any weirder and were thankful that it was at least being civil, Kangana Ranaut tweeted this very… erm… modest proclamation.

And then, Twitter just stole the show and did what it does best….Meme.

Jokes aside, both sides of the argument have a point. But not as Kangana Ranaut makes it. While securing homemakers financially seems like an initiative long overdue, there are a lot of cons to it. The biggest being that the idea in itself is sexist and patriarchal, because you are cementing a particular gender with housework, when it is trying hard to escape it. Kangana does make a fair point about these homemakers being exploited for this income, just like even now, the different government reservations for women are being misused by the women’s male relatives to grab at incentives. Moreover, this could work if we were striving at a more gender-neutral arrangement, where the homemaker could be a man too.

For now though, let’s hope Kangana Ranaut and Shashi Tharoor don’t have a debate as long as the former did with Diljit Dosanjh. We’d hate that. Or would we love it?

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