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Kangana Ranaut Revealed Her Fitness Regime For Manikarnika And We Are So Inspired By It

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Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie, Manikarnika is due for release on 25th January and can’t wait to watch it. The trailer was exciting, fun and engaging. If it is anything to go by,  then there’s going to be plenty of action and drama in the movie. But all the action, the training to be a warrior, getting the stance right, didn’t come easily to the very petite Kangana.

In her recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Kangana talks about all the tremendous physical transformation she had to go through for the role. She mentions that during  the initial shooting days, she did not fully understand the amount of commitment a role of this magnitude would demand of her. Even her wrists seemed awfully tiny to wield swords for the action sequences. But after quite a few stamina run-outs and fatigue kicking in after every 15 minutes, she knew that more needed to be done. She looked too fragile, and nothing like the warrior queen she was trying to portray. This didn’t sit well Kangana who is a method actor and one willing to go great lengths to get the character right.

Kangana is vegan, she says in the interview and for the role, she needed the strength she starting consuming eggs. At one point, she was having a breakfast that included a half kg of ghee, roasted besan and lots of jaggery powder mixed together.

Her early underestimation of playing the part, gradually became her motivation as she changed everything in her routine to emulate the physicality of the warrior queen. She put on a 5-6 kgs and this was important for her to do full justice to her role.

Stories of both, Kangana and Rani Laxmi Bai, for this movie are inspirational and are expectations from this period drama are sky high. *secures a separate seat for the popcorn tub*


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