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Kangana Ranaut Is Chilling In Manali, And We Know Exactly Why She’s There!

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Summer is here and while we love being able to embrace summery fashion trends and walk out in our shorts and crop tops, we hate the heat that is literally turning all of us into a hot mess! And that is why, taking a trip to the mountains couldn’t come at a better time, especially as the Manikarnika star Kangana Ranaut too has found her way to the hills of Manali.

The actress has been spotted having a chill time with her family in Manali and we are legit jealous. She seems to have been visiting her sister Rangoli Chandel and her family while escaping the heat and making the most of her time playing with her nephew, Prithvi.

In another wave of respite, Rangoli Chandel was finally tweeting about something that wasn’t a dig at anyone and we are glad for it. Guess the cooler temperature is really working for her. In fact, she happened to share the exact reason for the her sister Kangana’s visit which was to help her and her husband design their new home in Kullu.

She wrote, ”Ajay and I are building our house in Kullu, I simply asked Kangana for some design suggestions, here she is designing everything from a scratch, sometimes calls me at 2am bursting with idea and excitement, everyday I get hundreds of reference pictures..(contd).”

She later continued the post, sharing a picture that looked like family goals and further wrote, “(Contd)….for our budget what she is doing with the house is extraordinary, best thing about Kangana is her ability to give her all to the people in her life, to treat them as if they are an extension of herself, how not to fall in love with her everyday”

In all honesty, this does seem like a pretty cute gesture and the two may have just given us some new sister goals!


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