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Hrithik Roshan’s Sister Sunaina Supports Kangana Ranaut. Why Would She Go Against Her Own Brother?

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Allow us to state the obvious. All is not good between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. And from the looks of it, the mudslinging fest isn’t going to end anytime soon. Rangoli Chandel is making headlines for accusing Hrithik Roshan of trying to put  his sister Sunaina Roshan behind bars. Recently, Sunaina Roshan tweeted supporting Kangana Ranaut in the infamous Hrithik-Kangana war that has been going on for three years! Sunaina has also revealed that this is a bad phase of her life. Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel didn’t take much time to react to this, using this as a golden opportunity for her to hit back at Hrithik Roshan and his family!

Sunaina Roshan’s tweet was a little cryptic as she wrote, “And living in hell continues ….gosh I’m tired.” What was shocking though, was when she came out in obvious support of Kangana, taking the sibling rivalry a bit too far by choosing to side with Kangana over her brother Hrithik Roshan. Sunaina wrote, “I support Kangana all through.”

Earlier, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel who is super supportive of her sister, had tweeted about Sunaina stating, “Everyone isn’t nice to their siblings, Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan has been calling and messaging Kangana and me only to apologise that she didn’t stand up for her when Hrithik framed her as they were friends.”


This situation clearly looks messed up and Rangoli Chandel claims that Sunaina is seeking help from the sisters. Rangoli as always went on a series of tweets and wrote,  “Sunaina Roshan is asking Kangana for help, her family is physically assaulting her because she is in love with a Muslim man from Delhi, last week they got a lady cop who slapped her, her father also hit her, her brother is trying to put her behind bars.  I fear her dangerous family might harm her, we want to make this public because Sunaina calling Kangana and crying all the time, Kangana doesn’t know how to help her. So now she has blocked her number but we fear for her safety, everyone has a right to love whoever they want, hopefully, this will scare Roshans and they back off.”

In early interviews Kangana Ranaut revealed that she has been friends with Sunaina. She said, “It is true that Sunaina and I were always good friends and so was her family. Now they claim differently. Yes, she has been in touch with me, but I don’t want to take advantage of her family dispute. Sunaina is still a friend but I will not hit somebody when they are down.” Let’s hope that this ends well for the two!

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On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut will be seen in Mental Hai Kya alongside her Queen costar, Rajkumar Rao. The film had some controversies saying that it is insensitive towards mental illness but the makers have cleared all the rumours and the film is slated to release on July 16, 2019.


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