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Kangana Ranaut Calls Out Indira Jaisingh For Being The Kind Of A Mother Who Gives Birth To Rapists. She’s Not Wrong

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If we were to evaluate in simple and basic terms, the blame for any wrongdoing in this world, it would always go to the one committing the crime. And if things were as black and white, we’d agree to it cent percent. Except, they’re not. They are grey, and that means that the onus for any wrongdoing is never limited to the one committing the act, but also to anyone and everyone aiding and abetting the wrongdoers. Sometimes it may be us when we decided to stay silent about the trauma, the misdeeds we’ve been subjected to. Other times, it is people like Senior Advocate Indira Jaisingh, who come forward in offering mercy to monsters who have raped and slain women, with no remorse whatsoever. Indira’s stance hasn’t sat right with most of us including Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut, who recently lashed out at Jaisingh, for her inconsiderate tweet.

With the 4 convicts from the Nirbhaya Rape case finally having been sentenced to a death penalty that was initially due on 22nd January but was pushed further, the entire country was riled up about the imminent delay, for it had been far too long that justice came in sight. And right when it seemed to have been around the corner, we were thrown away by a rather insensitive and unreasonable request by senior advocate Indira Jaisingh as she begged for clemency for the convicted.

In a tweet that gathered national hate, and rightly so, she had written, “While I fully identify with the pain of Asha Devi I urge her to follow the example of Sonia Gandhi who forgave Nalini and said she didn’t want the death penalty for her. We are with you but against the death penalty.” And pardon us for saying this but, we can’t agree to that. Not on this one. A fact that was made crystal clear by Kangana Ranaut as well when she was probed on the topic.

During the promotions for her upcoming film Panga, The actress was asked about her opinion on the on-going Nirbhaya Rape case, and her answer was as blunt as ever was perhaps the reality check we all needed. Especially, Indira Jaisingh.

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She said, “A person who has committed such a gruesome crime should not be considered a minor. He should be hanged publicly to set an example. Nirbhaya’s parents are fighting this battle for a long time. Killing the convict quietly will be of no use as you won’t be able to set an example.” And we agree. Having been shown and shared the gruesome details of the kind of rape crimes that are inflicted on women, terrorising us to our bones, it is only fair to be made to witness or at the least, shared about how the convicted perpetrators doing this, will not be offered a comfortable life in a 2 by 2 cell, but be hanged for their unforgivable actions.

Kangana further said, “She should be kept in jail along with the convicts. How can these women pity the convicts? It is these kinds of women who give birth to such monsters.” And we wish it didn’t hold any truth to it, but come to think of it, didn’t it? Since time immemorial, we have let the men slide and shove things under the carpet, guarded their dirty actions as little secrets and somewhere encouraged them for taking it further to a point they believe it is okay to rape and kill a woman. Things need to change, and it needs to start by growing a spine and not lending clemency to convicts.

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