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Kamya Punjabi Got Married And Instead Of Wishing Her Well, People Are Calling Her Old And Shaming Her. Why?

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I have always wondered and then subsequently cringed at the kind of audacity people usually have when they sit comfortably behind their computer screens,  judging and condemning others for only being human and flawed. And more than that, what surprises me is the kind of venom they spew when taking a jibe at others, especially celebrities. Even if it’s happy occasion. Their  remarks are far from decent and are, all unsolicited and unnecessary. As they have recently done with the TV actress, Kamya Punjabi as she tied the knot with businessman Shalabh Dang two days ago.

Having a knack for taking the most important and happy moments from a person’s life and turning it into an ugly controversy all for entertainment, netizens often take it upon themselves to judge actors and actresses with scrutiny on matters that have absolutely nothing to do with them. And that is exactly what we saw happening with the famous TV actress Kamya Punjabi after she got married to Shalabh Dang in a beautiful ceremony earlier this February. Firs they were entirely unimpressed that a woman should take matters into her own hand, and take a chance at love and were quick to point out that this is not Kamya’s first marriage.

Back in 2003, the actress had tied the knot with another businessman Bunty Negi. The two who were married till the year 2009, which is when they filed for a divorce, and they share a daughter together by the name of Aara, who also attended of her mother’s marriage with Shalabh Dang. And while, Kamya’s pictures and the smile on her face on her special day is all proof that she was as happy as one could be, the netizens were raging in on a completely opposite emotion as they left hateful, derogatory and age-shaming comments on the happy couple’s pictures.

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Calling Kamya out first for her age (which in no way affects them) then for her being previously divorced and also shaming her for her decision to get re-married in her 40s, society and netizens at large seemed to have taken major offence at Kamya living her life on her terms, as they reprimanded her for breaking stereotypes with her choice of lifestyle. Dropping comments like, “Thode saal aur ruk jati mata…pension k paiso se shadi kar leti (Should’ve waited a few more years, to marry on with the money from your pension)”, to calling her names like, ‘buddhi‘ and ‘old rag’ and what not, there wasn’t one line that people didn’t cross in shaming her for her age. And what is worse is that all these comments and taboos made around divorce and second marriages are only aimed at the woman and never at a man’s.

Calling her ‘besharam‘, for getting married at an age that is socially ‘too late’, for a woman, the comments on Kamya and Shalabh’s pictures were in fact a saddening reflection of the mindset of the society that we live in. It is proof that we may have entered the year 2020 but is our heads are still stuck in the stone age and when a strong independent woman takes charge, it is offensive and threatening to everyone else.

And not just that, come to think of it, we don’t understand why ‘buddhi‘ here has to be used as a cuss word at her for being 40. It’s not like turning older in life is a choice or won’t happen to the ones dropping those comments. So why do we have to project so much hate on anyone for a process that is only natural and will catch up with everyone eventually?

It is about time we learn to be a little more compassionate and happy for people for leading their lives the way they want to. It’s time we begin to be happy for the woman when she’s taking a chance with love and have the courage to start over again. That’s more than we can say for the ones hiding behind the veil of anonymity and poking their noses in someone else’s personal life. Guess people really need to brush up on the concept of ‘live and let live’ here!

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