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Kamala Harris Shares A Heartfelt Post On Instagram For Her Mother Saying How Influential She Has Been In Her Life

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Kamala Harris, the first female Indian American and black Vice President elect of The United States of America is the woman holding everyone’s attention right now and will continue to do so probably for a while.  The pride is beaming, pressure – intense and in this life changing moment, the one person that Madam Vice President holds in her highest regard, giving her true credit for moulding her into who she is, is Kamala Harris’s mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris.

A mother is but instrumental in shaping the life and being of her kids as they grow up. And when that child goes on to rewrite history, becoming an icon, one can only imagine the kind of gratitude one would have for the parent. We say after we got a glimpse of how Kamala Harris appreciated and acknowledged her mother’s influence in her life.

Sharing the heartfelt post on Instagram, Kamala Harris posted a picture of her mother holding her as a baby and wrote a touching caption. It read, “My parents were born half a world apart from each other: my mother in India and my dad in Jamaica. But like so many others, they came to America in pursuit of a dream. And that dream was a dream for themselves, for me, and for my sister Maya”.


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She went on in her caption to narrate her mother’s contribution as she wrote, “Born in Oakland, I was raised by my mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris, one of the few women of color to have a position as a scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. She was all of five feet, but if you ever met her you would think she was seven feet tall. It’s because of her that I was raised in a community where we were taught to see a world beyond just ourselves”.

Her grateful words captured a heartwarming sentiment between a mother and a daughter and it wasn’t lost on the netizens either. Several comments, all commending Harris kept pouring in. One user wrote, “You are such an amazing example! Keep on shining and do what you do best”. Her post, that has now gone viral, is enough to spread positivity and gratitude in your day, the kind that will force you to acknowledge all those who helped in shaping the person you are today. Harris shared this post as part of a series where she seeks to appreciate all those who touched her life up until now. After all, the journey to success is not a lonesome, and Harris here is all for thanking those who impacted her.

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