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This Candle Is Making Farozan’s Valentine’s Day LIT!

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Ahhh, Valentine’s day! A time for love, excessive PDA, and overpriced presents that happen to be red and shaped like a heart. While everyone indulges in all of this nonsense, I’ve decided that this is the perfect time to shower my favourite person with some love. If you’re still confused about who that is, it’s me, LOL! I’m going to let you in on a little secret — there’s nothing more relaxing than settling down at the end of a stressful day with a good book and a scented candle! I’m going to tell you about the hot new candle that’s LIT AF! (Sorry, I’m a millennial and I can’t help it!)



Kama Ayurveda Fiori D’Arancio

For all you fancy folks who can’t afford Diptique, you’ll be glad to know about Kama Ayurveda’s Fiori D’Arancio that’s made with essential oils of Lime, Neroli, and Cypress. The name, ooh la la, I can already feel the luxury. A quick Google Translate tells me fiori d’arancio means orange flower in English, and this candle promises to transport you to the sunny gardens of Sicily, resplendent with Italian orange blossoms, broody cedars, dense bougainvillea, and briny sprays of the Mediterranean Sea. Can you feel your stress levels falling as you read this? It’s probably the mix of essential oils that are formulated to calm you down.

It’s the little details that make the Fiori D’Arancio so special; first of all, it’s handmade, secondly, it’s a soy wax candle, which is better for the environment, third, the package is luxe enough to be a part of your décor. If that’s not a win-win situation, I don’t know what is!

SHOP NOW: Kama Ayurveda Fiori D’Arancio (Rs 895)*
* Available at Kama Ayurveda stores.


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