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Kalki Koechlin Spoke About How Ex-Husband Anurag Kashyap Welcomed Her To The Parents’ Club. They Are Too Cool To Be Bitter Exes!

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If you want to understand the culture at any era in time, you should look at its art and artists. In India, we look up to Bollywood and celebrities for inspiration. Which is why when I see films and celebs being progressive, it really makes me hopeful. I keep talking about how we are in a phase that’s marking a point of change. Tomorrow when we will look back, we will know that it was this era that heralded us into reformation. The industry is brimming with positivity. Actresses are breaking the age-old notion that two women cannot be friends. Like the time when Anushka Sharma stood up for Zareen Khan, when she was being body-shamed. Exes are being friends and people are not leaving their love behind on a bitter note. Bridges are being built! Movies are being made on subjects that have been taboo since forever. If this is not a revolution in the making then I don’t know what is! So recently, when Kalki Koechlin announced her pregnancy, what made me really happy is the fact that it is well-received by the country. Not like it’s any of our business, but this means that people are finally ready to shed their orthodox concepts of sex, marriage and social structure behind.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Kalki opened up about expecting a child with boyfriend Guy Hershberg. “What is this term ‘out of wedlock’? It belongs in a Shakespearean drama and not in a millennial world. Marriage can be useful for bureaucracy, but it is not a sign of love. Only time and consistency tell of a strong relationship,” she said.

And while negative souls would like to add the drama angle surrounding her ex Anurag Kashyap, they are much better than that! In fact, Anurag is just a call away for her, “He’s just welcomed me to the parents’ club and told me to call if I need anything. Seeing Aaliyah (Anurag’s daughter) growing up and my own brother Oriel too, I’ve already got a glimpse into this role of a lifetime,” Kalki revealed.

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While people are liberating themselves from the confines of old-school thinking, we still try to get a couple expecting a child to get married. It’s almost as if the society is doing them a favour by “accepting” their out of wedlock pregnancy, and bargaining with them into getting married ASAP. However, Kalki and Guy are in no mood to give in to societal pressure. “We have considered it for the purpose of parental rights and the nationality issue. But we don’t want to rush it because of societal pressures. We will see when the time feels right. It will be a registration and a quiet family gathering,” Kalki revealed. Sounds about right!

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