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Kalank’s Ghar More Pardesiya Is Dola Re Dola Redone But Alia Bhatt Falters

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Kalank’s new song Ghar More Pardesiya is out, and we are convinced, that Kalank is basically Devdas, or any other Bhansali magnum opus redone. The first look of the song has Madhuri Dixit, playing the role of Bahaar Begum, singing beautifully to a flock of Indian dancers with glimpses of Roop and Zafar walking through the busy and vibrant streets. When we see Alia and Madhuri meet though, the Dola Re Dola vibe is hard to miss. Of course, Madhuri Dixit doesn’t shake a leg with Alia but the feels are so strong and so familiar, you can be excused for thinking that you have walked on to the Devdas set.

While Dola Re Dola was more vivid and bold in both, colours and intensity, this song seems more like a subtle. The fiery reds are replaced with the more modern, more subtle rose hues. The golds are toned down, shades of grey are introduced. And while it does feel like a grandiose affair, it also feels like we’ve seen this before.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel a tad bit disappointed with Madhuri not shaking a leg alongside Alia Bhatt, but her expressions, the nuances are fascinating as ever. Alia Bhatt brings her A game, swaying passionately, trying to catch every single beat of the song but IMHO, she falls a little short, bring none of the grace that Aishwarya or Madhuri bought to the table in the now iconic Dola Re Dola.

However, despite these minor glitches, as Kalank unravels itself, we find ourselves intrigued and in anticipation of its release on 19th April.


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