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Kajol Says She Does Not Pay Attention To Pay Parity. That’s Just…Well, Convenient

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Do you know the phrase “Everything that glitters is not gold?” I have always felt that Bollywood is a perfect example of its meaning. No matter how glamorous our industry might seem to an outsider, it actually is gripped by a lot of issues. From the raging nepotism debate to the horrifying casting couch experiences, it’s not all roses and rainbows. But one debate that has been around for a very long time is the one on pay parity.

Earlier, A-lister celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Vidya Balan have openly spoken about this issue. Karan Johar too had spoken about this saying “There are many women who deserve much more money than the men and there are men who have earned their chops because of their talent and tenacity, and with the work, they have put in. So, it’s very subjective, and cannot be just put into a strong slot. While I’m all for equality and am among people who are always about equality, when it comes to love or paying people, there are larger optics to look at.” This proves that pay parity is a serious problem. Basically, it isn’t fair that women get paid lesser for the same or more amount of work.

Now, you would expect all actresses to feel this way, right? It stands to reason that everyone would want equal pay. But here we have Kajol a very prominent actress, who is at least 35 movies old in this industry saying she “doesn’t pay attention to pay parity”. I think this makes her the only celebrity to not care about having equality. Or maybe she is the only person in the whole world that doesn’t want to make some extra money *rolls eyes*.

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In a recent interview, while promoting her upcoming movie Tanhaji she was asked about pay parity. She said, “I don’t pay much attention to pay parity. I believe that it has to do with the economics of the industry. The audience has been changing in the past few years. Slowly but surely, things are getting better. Filmmakers are making films on all kinds of subjects and they are working. The audience needs to let a women-oriented film earn Rs 200-300 crore.”

You see my problem with this statement, don’t you? It is utter BS. The budget of a movie is based on the economics of the industry, agreed. But, if you budget the movie correctly, maybe reduce the humungous fee that the actors are getting I am so sure the economics can be worked around equality. But Kajol does not seem to care, she is too cool for school.

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This is the era of women-oriented movies, just saying the audience needs to let them work won’t make even a slight difference. The thing is, pay parity is not about female-oriented movies. It is about commercial movies where the hero gets not only more footage but also practically double the pay check.

Kajol, your tone-deafness is showing.

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