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‘Kabir Singh’ Is The Kind Of Scary Boyfriend Your Mother Warned You Against

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Lately, I find myself irritable and annoyed all the time. My father thinks it is because of my lack of sleep (thanks work and Netflix), while my brother thinks it is no big deal because I have always been kind of hot-headed and short tempered. My mother however thinks, I should wear a pearl for it, as suggested by a local pundit she visited. Because obviously such things are backed by science.

And whether I will wear a ring of pearl to get my temper in check is still being contemplated, I think if there is anyone who is better suited for it is Shahid Kapoor for his character of Kabir Singh. That guy needs to get checked into Angry Boys Anonymous asap!

The trailer for the movie Kabir Singh just dropped and the character Shahid plays is an obsessed, angry borderline scary person in love with the character of Preeti, played by Kiara Advani. It’s the kind of character we are not sure whether to be attracted to or maintain our safe distance, because we all want a boy that wants us intensely, and will go to the ends of the earth to be with us. However, this guy – yeah, he’s the one your momma warned you about.

The 2 minute and 43 second trailer is basically an angry rampage by Kabir Singh where he drinks, does drugs and hammers people for no explicable reason. He then punctures this entire violence by hurling curses at people who want him to stop this self-destructive roller coaster ride he is on. While he moves away from the cutesy boyfriend ideal with every frame, Shahid Kapoor does bring this character to life, genuinely making us worry for the kind of boys we tend to fall for.

When asked about the intensity of his character in the movie, Shahid said, “It was almost schizophrenic because the two worlds are such contrasts. Had I been single, living alone, I might have immersed myself in this dark zone for six months, as I did during Udta Punjab. But this time I am married, a father, so I had to sanitize myself before returning home to protect my children from the negative energy. I couldn’t carry Kabir’s emotional baggage back so I had to flip roles after pack-up. it took a lot out of me because not only does this character degenerate into a loner in a self-destructive mode, I had to also create three different silhouettes, one of which needed me to be out of shape.”

That, he looked hot even in that out-of-shape dad-bod is a different story, but if the trailer is anything to go by, we are definitely in for a reality check. When you are 17, this could seem like the kind of guy you would want, desire even. A few years later, its borderline scary. In the teenage years, this is the love you crave. We can see the appeal of ‘he-loves-me-so-intensely-he-would-kill-for-me’ vibe in the younger years but when you’re older, it’s the vibe you should get him checked for.

We would watch this only because we are loving how Shahid is playing Kabir Singh.


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