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Dear Shahid Kapoor, Kabir Singh Is Your Best Performance Yet, But Can You Stop Normalising His Scary Behaviour?

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Shahid Kapoor is all set for the big release of his latest movie, Kabir Singh alongside Kiara Advani this Friday. The much-talked-about movie is a remake of Telugu movie Arjun Reddy, and shows Shahid’s character as the self-sabotaging, heartbroken lover, in complete destructive mode! Now, the entire trailer and songs kinda make us feel worried for the safety of those around him because the guy has a temper! Like self-sabotaging is not okay, but what’s worse is chasing people down and being complete assholes to them!

After a very long time, Bollywood will be seeing a lover as obsessive as this one. And Shahid has opened up about the extreme lows his character is seen experiencing. He also went ahead and said how his character was being referred to as a “Modern Devdas”; and that he felt was a compliment. Shahid told reporters, “I’ll take that as a compliment because Devdas is a classic film, which is the story of a self-destructive man, as the hero was mad about his love. So yes, if you look at it in a generic way, you can draw some parallels.”

Shahid’s alcoholic character was also compared with his role of a drug addict in Udta Punjab. However, he said both roles were quite different, “Udta Punjab was about the problem of addiction (drug abuse). Here it happens to be how he reacts to heartbreak and to the fact that he is in the self-destructive mode. I don’t want to draw any parallels but he is a complex character, it’s kind of like a very disruptive version of say how the journey of Devdas was.”

Further, Shahid Kapoor has made Kabir Singh sound very relatable, and that’s what’s been worrying us. “I think the character of Kabir in the film loves with full passion and when his heart breaks, he feels lost and becomes self-destructive. It is difficult to hate the girl but yes, I think he starts hating himself,” he said.

He went on to add, “It’s the journey of Kabir and Preeti. I found it very interesting that the protagonist was a doctor and he was such a crazy guy. I could really relate to his journey because we have all gone through phases in life where we have fallen apart. So, it’s very cathartic to see a journey like that because you feel like I’m not the only one.” Ahem. Sure, we’ve all experienced a bad break-up, but to spiral downward in the most unpleasant way? Now that’s not normal by any standard. So, no, Shahid, we can’t relate.

And that’s not all. Kiara Advani too has empathised with the character, and called the film “relatable”.

What’s worrisome about that, you ask? Well, knowing our country, and the kind of effect Bollywood has on people, we are afraid, that this will make being an obsessive lover rather glam. For decades, Bollywood has glamourised stalking your love interest, and let’s break it to all the men-under-influence – it’s not romantic! It’s rather scary and totally negates the concept of consent. If anything, we are hoping that somewhere in the movie, they have sent across the message that all this self-destructive behaviour will take you nowhere. We mean, at the end of Tere Naam, Salman Khan died. He still became the hero of all those who’ve experienced unrequited love, but come on. It’s 2019, we didn’t come this far to go back into that again!

Meanwhile, critics have appreciated both Shahid’s and Kiara’s performances, just ahead of the release of the film, and we do agree with them!

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Kabir Singh is all set to release tomorrow, that is June 21. We are hoping the movie will have a ‘moral of the story’ after all that self-destruction!


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