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Just Like Most Of His Movies, Ram Gopal Varma Has Subjected Us To Yet Another Rubbish Joke. This Time, About Coronavirus.

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The situation, around the world, at this moment is very grim, tense and sorrowful. Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic that needs its due conversation and everyone is just trying to do their bit in this fight. You might not realise it but even by just staying at home and following this lockdown to the best of your abilities is also a contribution.

However, there is no denying that the world could use a little positivity right now. Horrible things are happening around the world and no one really knows why. Which is why I think we all need just a few laughs, that never hurt anyone right? Yesterday was April Fool’s day, the perfect opportunity to make someone laugh. Though while everyone just kind of avoided pranking or joking around, a few people thought it would be fun to joke around about coronavirus.

Let me ask you something, do you think it is wise to crack a joke about a fatal disease that has plagued lakhs of people around the world? I don’t. In my opinion, it is insensitive and offensive. But of course, there always those people that don’t understand when to say what.

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Like this incident for example where Ram Gopal Varma thought it would be funny to tell everyone that he had contracted the coronavirus. It obviously is not funny and made no one laugh. It was just another cruel joke he subjected us, just like most of his movies have been.

Yesterday the filmmaker took to Twitter to say, “My doctor just told me that I tested positive with Corona.” Obviously, this arose panic amongst his followers and well-wishers.

However, moments later he once again took to Twitter to announce that it was all an April Fool’s hoax. He said, “Sorry to disappoint, but now he tells me it’s an April Fool joke. it’s his fault and not mine.” I don’t know why he thought we would be disappointed to know he doesn’t have corona.

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Then in yet another tweet, he went on to apologise if he hurt anyone’s sentiments. He also clarified that he was just trying to make people laugh. His tweet read, “Anyway I am just trying to make light of a grim situation, but the joke is on me and if I dint offend anyone I sincerely apologise to them.”

Let me get this straight, RGV knew that it was a rubbish joke and he still went ahead with it? Huh, another similarity to his movies. We have been subjected to some absolute nonsense from this man – his movies, for instance – but now he’s taken it too far. And we are not sure someone, if anyone, found it funny. He needs to get his head checked.

I don’t believe people actually have to be told this but joking about coronavirus is not cool. Like I said earlier, we need to spread cheer and positivity but cracking jokes like these, is not the way to go.

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