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Juhi Chawla Says That She Wasn’t Extremely Fond Of Children Until She Became A Mother. We Love How Real She Is

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Like most Indian mothers, my mother is also hellbent on me getting married in my late twenties. Of course, it’s all about the “ticking biological clock” and me giving her grandchildren. But what if I don’t want to? You see, I am not particularly fond of kids. But everyone always tells me, “you’ll feel differently once you have your own”. And maybe that why I can relate so much to Juhi Chawla right now, who says that she didn’t like children until she became a mother. She is so candid. 

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Juhi Chawla that her attitude towards children drastically changed after her two kids, Jhanvi and Arjun were born. Before that, despite working with children on multiple occasions she found them to be quite a nuisance. 

Juhi Chawla said in the interview, “In fact, frankly, before I had kids, despite doing films like Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke, I had no fondness for children. I would find them as a nuisance. (laughs) But I started looking at children differently once I turned into a mother. It changed me.” 


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I think a lot of women will the same way but so few are upfront about it. People expect women to have baby-fever 24/7 and when that’s not the case, we are unfairly judged. Like Juhi, so many women might not be extremely fond of kids and that’s okay. Juhi Chawla chose to have kids and that changed her perspective, that’s okay too. It’s a fact that women have a maternal instinct and that’s all cool. But just expecting women to want to be mothers is not okay. After all, it’s a very personal choice. 

In the same interview, Juhi also spoke about juggling her career and being a mother. She said that she always tries to fit her schedules around her children and never works on an outdoors for more than ten days at a time. 

She said, “I know my parents were also working and I hope my children also see it that way. I don’t see any problem with that. From my side, I always try my shooting schedule is in Mumbai, or if I am going outstation, someone is there at home, so that they are never left alone. Sometimes when I used to go, the mother-in-law or sister-in-law would take care. I would also make sure that the shooting schedule outdoors is not more than 10 days at a stretch so that I could visit my kids and see them.”

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