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Juhi Chawla Says She Finds It’s Hard To Find Quality Scripts. Why Do We Not Have Work For Seasoned Actresses?

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This lovely actress ruled Bollywood in the 90s and her smile was infectious. Juhi Chawla was last seen in Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga and was definitely a highlight in the film. Juhi Chawla is one of the most talented actresses and we would definitely want to see more of her.  But recently in an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress revealed that she is not getting the right quality driven films at the moment.

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The actress known for her bubbly persona also believes that the quality scripts do not come around often and is currently waiting for something interesting to come her way. Juhi Chawla told the publication that the films offered to her don’t even have a complete story or even a proper script. Juhi Chawla said, “Films still come to me, though few and far between, but not necessarily satisfying. There’s a sifting process. There are some which aren’t worth considering at all. Not to put anyone down, but some who come really don’t have a proper project or a complete story. I’ve worked in smaller films and in big projects, too.”

Juhi Chawla also recalled her experience in the 2016 film Chalk N Duster, she said, “I was lucky to get ELKDTAL… But Chalk N Duster was a new producer, a relatively seasoned director but not a known name and we managed to make a good film. I loved the script so much, I went with them to Shabanaji (Shabana Azmi) saying ‘can we do this together’. I’ve done that too. But I’m not very good at this. Well, I feel very awkward picking up the phone and saying I want to work.”  Juhi added “Though I wouldn’t say I’m eager on quantity, I’d love some amazing quality work to come and then have it win.”

It’s a shame really that an actress of Juhi Chawla’s calibre should be looking for scripts. We would have thought we would have enough and more work for people like her.

On the work front, Juhi Chawla will now be completing an untitled project with her 90s co-star Rishi Kapoor, as soon as he returns to India after his cancer treatment.


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