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Jonas Brothers’ ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ Is All Things Fun. We Love The Chemistry Between Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra

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One of the most enjoyable things in the business of minting content meant for quick consumption is that it is so dynamic. Contrary to what many people think, change is the only thing that keeps the industry alive and the fact that it is so chaotic also means that there will always something new too look forward to, our favourite publications, actors, directors, singers don’t let it get mundane. A thought that dawned upon me when I came across Jonas Brothers’ recent music video for the song – What a man gotta do, and realised how over time so much has changed even in the way they  make their iconic music videos, considering having Priyanka Chopra in it is really adding to those subtle Bollywood feels!

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This being the second music video the Jonas Brothers have made with their significant others, the video for What a man gotta do, released a few hours back and has us already singing along and wanting to recreate the madness they have going on screen. A recreation in itself, the music video is inspired by the 1983 hit film Risky Business that starred Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay, and has honestly led us to believe that couples do really rub off on each other and how.

I mean, just looking at the video (and having watched it 583 times already helps), you just know that the kind of excitement and fun that they are having is not something you can entirely fake on camera. All three couples, that are clearly having a ball of a time in the video, make us believe that they’re like this in their real life as well. And considering we’ve stalked Nickyanka long enough, keeping a track of everything from their vacations to their work front, looking at them in the video, seeing more of them than we had signed up for (why is no one wearing pants?), it wasn’t hard for us to believe that they were most probably in their natural habitat. Khee khee.

In fact, Priyanka brings in some major Bollywood vibes with her OTT but on point expressions that she has now lent to Nick in the video too. While Nick gives off that pop star vibe we could see on PeeCee as well. Guess couples do rub off on each other! After all, Nick does seem to be adapting to the Indian culture well, what with all that grooving to Indian songs and enjoying it.

Meanwhile Joe and Kevin Jonas too, looking extra comfortable in their element, bring the video to life, keeping us hooked and wanting more. Who would’ve thought that the single boy band would embrace their life and the changes in it so well and make the most of it, with their partners! We honestly can’t wait to see how the next set of videos turn out to be, especially if it means seeing PeeCee and Nick bringing more of their mix-culture vibes to it!

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