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John Abraham Shares How Getting Funding For Women-Oriented Films Is Tough. It’s So Infuriating!

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Like any conversations nowadays, most of mine inadvertently skirt towards the present state of affairs of the country and pressing issues like crime or women safety. As I fiercely put my points across, one of the first reactions to come my way, and there’s always one, is an exasperated look of ‘oh so you’re a feminist’ kind. And to be honest, it kind of thrills me when it happens, to evoke the very emotion that people now try to hide. You see, after years of getting less than what we deserve and being under the thumb of the entitled male flock, now is finally the time when women are getting a chance to claim their position of power. And now, there is no backing down. So for every time that I hear a person trying to tell me how things have changed and that I should calm down, I am quick to remind them that it hasn’t. And supporting that is John Abraham who recently shared how it’s difficult to get funding for women-oriented films.

Like many other actors and celebrities in Bollywood, who branch out from just acting into other fields like production, John Abraham has been the recent one to jump boat and enter Bollywood as a producer. With his upcoming film Pagalpanti scheduled to release on 22nd November, John Abraham seems like in a good space right now, as long as his acting job is considered. As for the producer bit of it, the Force actor revealed how he is currently producing two web-series and looking forward to their release. He said, “I am developing two web-series. I have been developing them for two years. It will take some more time. We have got the rights of a best selling book, it is an interesting book. I can’t reveal the name. They are hard-hitting but I don’t see myself acting in it.”

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But what caught our attention was what he went on to say next. Talking about also wanting to produce movies, and with relevant content at that, John gave us all a reality check as he mentioned how he’s been struggling to convince studios to get one board every time there is a women-oriented script on the table. He said, “I have got two films that are female-oriented and they are fantastic. But to convince a studio that I want to sell this and make it into a certain price is an effort. No matter what we say about changing times, it is still an effort. It is an ongoing battle.” And that is word enough for us and everyone else to realise just how far from gender-equality we are even now.

Yes, there is a lot of change that has made its way through the last couple of years, but even then, it takes more than just a few films and debates to undo the century old misogyny and gender bias we’ve grown up with. And having said that, it is not like we are being critical of the efforts that have been made so far, but just stressing on the fact that even though we’ve come a long way, there is a longer way left ahead of us and for that, we need to first stop with holding women back. Be it from conversations, actions, or even from prominent screenplays. Women are here, in full steam to take what is theirs, and they will do it whether you do or do not lend them studios.

It is time people realise that feminism is not a trend, it is a way of life now, one that is not likely to be subdued. As for as Bollywood, maybe t’s time for them to mint good content than big bucks. And with actors like John Abraham and the likes of him trying to bring change, there might just be hope to turn it around for the better!

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