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Jharkhand Woman’s Head Shaved And Face Blackened For Eloping With Her Lover

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Let me ask you something rather personal. What do you think should be done when you find out that your partner has had an extra-marital affair? Would you sit and talk it out or jump straight to divorce? Here’s the thing though, for most women in our country it’s not that simple. They aren’t given a choice, to begin with. So, if they do have extra-marital affairs, it’s not taken lightly. Obviously, we aren’t condoning it but there are healthy ways to deal with the situation. However, once the husband’s ego and pride are hurt nothing else is more important. From honour killings to public humiliations, women are unnecessary tortured. Take this girl from Jharkhand for instance. She was tonsured, thrashed and her face was blackened all because she eloped with her lover. This speaks volumes about the sickening mentality prevalent in most parts.

You see, a woman in Jharkhand was tonsured and her faced was smeared with black ink all because she ran away with her lover. This horrifying incident took place when the woman was forcefully brought back to the Palamu district of Jharkhand with the help of villagers on Sunday afternoon. Why can’t people just women be happy and have autonomy over their life choices?

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According to reports, the woman in question eloped with her lover and was living with him in the Paneribandh village of Jharkhand. Both of them were labourers. After she was brought back, the woman was beaten up, tonsured and her face was smeared with black ink. Then, in that horrid condition, she was sent back to her lover. The woman was found by her in laws. The police have filed an FIR against 12 people, including the woman’s husband.

This is absolutely shameful.

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