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Jharkhand Woman Chops Off Her Tongue To Please God And Get Her Missing Daughter-In-Law Back. Is There An End To These Disturbing Superstitions?

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Having lived in India my entire life, I am no stranger to the superstitions and blind beliefs people have been following for years. As a kid, I gave my parents a hard time as I used to question every superstition they asked me to follow, no matter how little, harmless or unaffecting it was. And, nothing has really changed after all these years. If anything, I have only grown more spiritual and have started to believe that you don’t need to do something or not do something to please God. There is no base for these superstitions. Don’t get me wrong, I respect my religion and the almighty but there are some things I just can’t blindly follow without having a logical and practical answer for it.

But clearly, that’s not the case for everyone. We come across nonsense practices every day that are a result of superstition. And, what’s worse is that sometimes, these practices involve hurting someone or themselves in a bid to please God. There have been several brutal instances where children were sacrificed in the exchange for something from God. A similar, very disturbing, incident took place on Sunday in Jharkhand that will send chills down your spine.

A 40-something woman from Seraikela-Kharsawan district of Jharkhand named Lakshmi Nirala reportedly chopped her tongue off and offered it to Lord Shiva to get back her missing daughter-in-law. Her daughter-in-law Jyoti has been missing with her child since August 14. In the hope to get them back home safely, she prayed to Lord Shiva and cut her tongue off with a blade. It saddens me to think how blinded people can be with faith that they don’t realise they are harming themselves. Exactly what prompted her to cut off her tongue? It’s so disturbing to even think about.

Lakshmi’s husband said that she did that because “Someone told her that if she offers her tongue to God, Jyoti would return.” Lakshmi refused to go to the hospital but the police were informed who then took her to get medical help. Srinivas Singh, the officer-in-charge (OC) said, “The woman was not ready to go to a hospital, but we somehow managed to convince her and took her to MGMMCH in Jamshedpur. She is now stable and recovering well but is not able to talk. The woman works as a domestic helper.” She is now stable but isn’t able to speak.

Her daughter-in-law is still missing. “We searched for Jyoti throughout the night on Friday, but could not find her. Later, I went to RIT police with my son but was told to come the next morning. Since Saturday was Independence Day, we went to the police in the evening. Lakshmi cut her tongue on Sunday,” said Nandu, Lakshmi’s husband.

Dangerous superstitions like these are deep-rooted in Jharkhand and the state is notorious for such incidents. Accusing women of witchcraft, beheading them and lynching them isn’t new either. Just a few days ago, a woman was beaten to death because she was accused of practising witchcraft. Before this, 4 men were booked for piercing a woman’s tongue and beating her after accusing her of witchcraft. I could list a number of such horrifying incidents that have resulted in the loss of an innocent life or posed serious harm to someone but it would give you nightmares. And by now, I am sure you know that these practices don’t just happen in Jharkhand but the whole country.

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I had a lump in my throat just writing this. Although, I don’t understand one thing. What makes these people think that God would want you to hurt yourself or someone else in exchange for something. That sounds more like a devil’s deal to me. It’s the 21st century and people still think that something as horrible as mutilating yourself will please God. What on earth will it take for people to understand that these blind beliefs and superstitions are no good but just plain problematic? Education? Maybe a stricter law? More money? What?

I’d really like to know what will make people more sensible enough to look above these poppycock rituals and not be blinded by faith to an extent that it harms themselves or someone else.

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