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Jharkhand Police Comes Up With A Stupid Solution For Married Man Torn Between Wife And GF

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When you grow up on an unhealthy dose of Bollywood rom-coms, you start expecting there to be a great deal of drama in every sphere of your life. And no one can really blame us for revelling in all that extra OTTness. However, the difference between movies and real life is that in the latter, there are very real consequences to face and happily ever after is never guaranteed. Someone needs to explain this logic to this man from Jharkhand who ran away and married his girlfriend despite already being married. To resolve this, the police ordered the man to spend three days a week with his wife, three days with his girlfriend and they gave him one day to himself. The whole bizarre incident has the makings of the next Rohit Shetty movie.

Rajesh Mahato, a resident of Kokar Tiril Road in Ranchi got himself stuck between a rock and a hard place when he eloped with his girlfriend despite being already married. The extra-marital affair came with a hefty price. As per reports, he’d told his girlfriend that he was single and then decided to leave his wife and child to be with her.

All the drama started when the man, Rajesh’s wife approached the police to file a complaint. The girlfriend’s parents also filed a kidnapping complaint. This launched an investigation and the police began searching for Rajesh. They found him with his girlfriend but by then they were already married. Rajesh was married to two women simultaneously. And that, as we all know, is against the law and it was obviously not going to bode well for anyone involved.

After this very twisted love-triangle came to light, both of Rajesh’s wives got into a heated argument and the police had to intervene. They decided that the solution to this entire thing was to have Rajesh spend three days a week with his first wife, three days with the girlfriend he married and one day by himself. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that this solution lets Rajesh have his cake and eat it too. Our honest suggest is that the police not be allowed to offer solutions to anyone, let alone this man.

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What shocking though is that all three of them agreed to this bizarre solution. But of course, this was not the end. Just after a few days, Rajesh’s girlfriend accused him of sexual assault on the pretext of marriage. She filed an FIR and an arrest warrant was issued but Rajesh is now absconding.

This entire incident is like the plot of a movie that people would go watch out of sheer curiosity but come out of the theatre uber disappointed. Also, what kind of authorities give solutions like these? They should’ve taken some stricter action. Maybe then Rajesh wouldn’t have had the chance to sexually assault his girlfriend. It’s a very bizarre incident.

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