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Jemimah Rodrigues Hit A Six With Her Sassy Response To A Flirtatious Fan And We Love It

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Internet has all sorts of uses these days. Dropping viral videos, stalking your ex or your soon to-be current beau, laying out personal opinion, taking nasty digs at anyone and everyone behind the safety and veil of anonymity and of course, sharing pictures of your food. But one thing that it is seldom known for, is being a medium of flattering and appreciative comments!

But then, let’s not be cynical. There was fun banter on Twitter, one that we actually enjoyed. Recently, Jemimah Rodrigues the 18-year-old prodigy of the Mumbai Women’s Cricket team had a fan boy gently flirting with her on Twitter. And her sassy response was legendary.

Her response, as you can see, was cute but so full of sass, you want to give her a pat on the back.

@varunatorr here may have come after her for her ‘cute’ looks, but she has talent that she would rather be known for. Last year, she became the first Indian woman to hit three consecutive sixes, achieving this milestone against Sri Lanka. As the year progressed, Jemimah helped India make it to the semi-final, and finished as the No. 6 player in the ICC T20 rankings.

For the record, Jemimah is the second woman after Smriti Mandhana to score a double century in a 50 over cricket match. Just recently, she also scored her first 50 in the Women’s IPL and what a moment it was. At this young age, she’s already on the threshold for something big and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the yard.


People may be vying for her dates, but seems like Jemimah is too busy making records for herself and making India proud. Guess @varunatorr and the likes of him will have to wait!


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