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Jayeeta Saha, A PhD student from IIT Bombay, Will Represent India At The Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting. This Is Amazing.

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It makes my day when I hear of an Indian woman leaping towards awe-inspiring success. And by that, I am not undermining the prowess and capabilities of Indian women. What makes me happier is that despite coming from a culture where there are so many prejudices against us, these female achievers are shining bright. Despite all the misogyny in our country that tugs at the wings of women, in an attempt to stop them from flying, women are putting in that extra effort to make it. Because if you ask me, it takes a lot more struggle for a woman to achieve the same things a man does and that’s not because of the difference in the calibre. It’s because of the unnecessary obstacles our society creates and the gender-bias that exists in the workforce of our country.

Yet, here she is. Jayeeta Saha, a PhD student from IIT Bombay having achieved the honour of representing India at the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting 2020 in Lindau, Germany, in June. Saha is a student of chemistry and was nominated by the department of science and technology, Government of India. She was selected to attend the meeting by the International Lindau Committee.

IIT Bombay, delighted with her selection released a statement saying, “The Lindau meeting brings together nearly 70 Nobel Laureates in various disciplines for both technical and non-technical interactions with over 600 students and early-stage researchers. The selected candidates usually pertain to the top 5 % of the applicants and follow a rigorous examination by the committee.”

Saha works on electrocatalysis with namomaterials at IIT-B. She is looking forward to meeting John B Goodenough, a Nobel prize winner in chemistry for co-creating the lithium-ion batteries. “Academic background and recommendations are criteria to get selected,” said Saha. “It is a very prestigious award and an opportunity to meet and discuss research with Nobel laureates from chemistry, physics and physiology,” she further added.

According to Wikipedia, “The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are annual, scientific conferences held in Lindau, Bavaria, Germany, since 1951. Their aim is to bring together Nobel laureates and young scientists to foster scientific exchange between different generations and cultures.”

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Two other PhD scholars, Srimadhavi Ravi and Dependu Dolui, both from the Chemistry department at IIT Gandhinagar are also selected for attending the meeting, which will be held from 28th June to 3rd July, 2020.

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