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Jaya Bachchan And Other Politicians Are All Smiles At The Unnao Rape Survivor Protests. What’s Amusing About This?

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6 years ago, a horrifying tragedy shook people up. The deterioration from bad to worse was on display for all to see and it was like a punch to the gut. It took one Nirbhaya for people to stand up as a unified voice against such atrocious and heinous crimes. And  since then, that voice has gotten stronger with more people speaking up and willing to bring the perpetrators to book. Unfortunately, despite this gathering momentum, there are a few people who have made a PR stunt out of it. Case in point – Jaya Bachchan who was recently snapped laughing and enjoying herself during the Unnao Rape case protest.

The is the case of the unfortunate rape of a 17-year-old in 2017. The key accused is a BJP member – Kudeep Singh Sengar and the case has been going on since the first charge sheet was filed against the accused by the CBI in July 2018. Since then, the survivor’s father has also been falsely framed for the crime leading to a second charge sheet against Kuldeep Singh Sengar, his brother, three policemen and five other people responsible for the allegedly framing. The case gained a national attention due to its controversial truths as they dropped in, only justice seems like a far cry.

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The Unnao rape survivor while travelling with her lawyer and relatives met with an accident that has been traced back to the jailed MLA Kuldeep Singh and the nation did not sit on this. The more than convenient timing of the accident that was intended to kill the survivor did not go unnoticed by the police. Furthermore, people from all around the nation and Samajwadi Party took to staging protests for such deplorable turn of events. Jaya Bachchan being one of the head runners for the cause. Not a good one at that.

A matter as such that holds critical importance for both, the people and the judiciary, was being met with banter and laughs by the former actress, as she was snapped smiling during the protests that were supposed to be about the enraging accident of the Unnao rape survivor and her dead relatives. What Jaya Bachchan found amusing in the matter is beyond our comprehension, but the twitter did not seem to forgive her for her harmless chuckles. But then again, everyone in the picture is smiling and we don’t get that.

The insensitive and badly timed actions of these politicians were not well received and you can see why. The last thing the world or this case for that matter needs is fake sympathy and support from politicians who can’t even understand the gravity of the situation. Clearly, the politicians had different priorities than to address a serious matter at hand.

And what is more bothersome is the fact that this is the same woman who was visibly enraged about her pictures being clicked without consent, probably due to this very fear of being caught at the wrong time, couldn’t be enraged enough when it came down to supporting the cause of a critically injured rape survivor? Do you seriously expect us to go easy on you after this Jaya Ji?

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