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Jatt Ludhiyane Da From SOTY 2 Is A Terribly Sexist Song That Doesn’t Belong in 2019

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Lately, as a writer, my days have been passing in a constant state of fear. This isn’t the fear of missing deadlines, or that one day we will have no more fries but a very real, very concerning one. The fear that Student Of  The Year 2 will release another song any day, and the disappointment and rolling of the eyes that will follow will make me blind.

Today was another such day, when SOTY 2 unleashed upon us, the latest track – Jatt Ludhiyaane Da, which is, in fact, addressing ‘objectification’. Not in the conventional ways of course, because it’s Dharma Productions after all, but in a way that makes us cringe, yet again.

For all those who are under the impression that this a song objectifying women, that’s crazy. Nothing of the sort happens. It’s pretty clean. But what does happen is some sort reverse sexism, where it’s okay to tell a man to walk by you a couple of times so you can fully appreciate the person’s body. This song comes off as an objectification of Tiger Shroff who, thank goodness, took our advice and can be seen in a shirt this time around. The lyrics, that are kicking both sense and logic out of the park, talk about how  she wants to ‘tujjhpe aankhein sekungi’ and ‘aate waqt tu scenery hai aurr jaate waqt nazaara’. The kind of lyrics that seem like perfect fodder for those who needed more creative ways to eve tease people.

The song, that we suppose, was meant to highlight the brewing romance of Tiger and Tara, has ended up infuriating and annoying us more than Tiger’s incessant and continuing dance moves. If he isn’t, we really are tired just looking at him.


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