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10 Book Releases To Watch Out For In The Beginning Of 2017

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We are a week into 2017 and it is already looking much, much better than 2016. While December is a month to party and chill, January, on the other hand, brings out the best in us. We resolve to work harder, get more disciplined, aim to achieve our goals, and basically try to keep our various resolutions. And the best resolution to keep is to read more. Even if it is just one book a month, it is never to late to inculcate this habit. Believe me, it will change your perceptions, widen your horizons, and help you reach places you may have previously thought unattainable. A good book has the power to take you into a world that is very different from yours, and gives you a chance to live many lives within one lifetime. Isn’t that beautiful?

In that thread, there are some amazing new books releasing in January and February, and we cannot wait to get our hands on them. Make sure you are ahead of the lot and buy these as soon as they are published.


1. Mrs Sherlock Holmes — Brad Ricca

Sherlock Holmes has competition, and that too by a woman who took the crime world by a storm, at a time when women were found nowhere near murder investigations. It is the true story of Grace Humiston and how she solved some of the greatest of crimes in New York. She was nicknamed after the greatest fictional detective of all time. A classic tale of how truth is stranger, and often more exciting, than reality.

Release Date: January 3


2. Behind Her Eyes — Sarah Pinborough

Releasing on January 31, this novel is one of those that will keep you hooked till the very last page. A mystery and thriller, the story revolves around Louise, who unknowingly gets involved in the David and Adele’s marriage. While everything seems normal to the outside world, there is nothing odd about the couple. Find out what, at the end of this month!

Release Date: January 31


January Book Releases_Hauterfly

Here We Are (Paperback — Rs 1,156 approx)*

3. Here We Are – Various Women

Women across different walks of life have penned down, what it really means to a feminist. It is the response to the various discussions that take place on social media and how it is affecting the pop culture that we live in. It’s packed with essays, lists, poems, comics, and illustrations from a diverse range of voices, including TV, film, and pop-culture celebrities and public figures such as ballet dancer Michaela DePrince and her sister Mia, politician Wendy Davis, as well as popular YA authors like Nova Ren Suma, Malinda Lo, Brandy Colbert, Courtney Summers, and many more.

Release Date: January 24*
*Will be available in Crossword stores and online post the release


4. Lucky Boy — Shanthi Sekaran

Releasing tomorrow, this one is all about motherhood, but with various twists. It will take you on an emotional journey and show you the real beauty of this world. There are no bad guys and no heroes — though fictional, this one is as real as it gets.

Release Date: January 10


5. Rumi’s Secret — Brad Gooch

There can never be enough books on Rumi, and I am excited as hell for this new biography by Brad Gooch. It gives life to the man who, even after centuries of his existence, has the power to change people by his words. Meet Rumi all over again through this beautiful novel that sure looks absolutely promising.

Release Date: January 17


6. In The Great Green Room — Amy Gary

Margaret Wise Brown was an exceptional children’s author and died a sudden death in 1952. Amy found different manuscripts from her life in 1990, and has since been working on this book. Take a look inside the literary genius’s life and enjoy a good biography this month.

Release Date: January 10


7. This Is How It Always Is — Laurie Frankel

A bold novel that revolves around revelations, change, transformations, fairytales, and family. It tells you that change is hard but it is inevitable. This is how a family will teach you that everyone has secrets, which can’t be kept hidden forever. A work of fiction done brilliantly.

Release Date: January 26


8. Difficult Women — Roxane Gay

It is a collection of fictional short stories by Roxane Gay, whose characters portray a lot of power and are bolder than you can imagine. From a girl’s fight club to the inside life of a stripper and the high society of Florida, these stories capture every essence of a woman.

Release Date: 3rd January*
*Available online from February 8


 9. How To Murder Your Life — Cat Marnell

Cat Marnell used to be the beauty editor at Lucky, one of America’s leading magazines. But there was more to her than that. A stained childhood and a struggle with drug addiction led her to a path to murder her own life. This is a book about self confessions by a woman who was strong and yet feeble. An autobiography that is as inspiring as it can get!

Release Date: February 2


10. The Alchemists Of Loom — Elise Kova

This is the first book of this saga and it is for all you who love to read good fantasy fiction. Sci-fi at its best, telling anything about the plot will ruin the story for you. So when it releases tomorrow, be sure to buy it, especially if you are someone who loves a good adventure and maybe even dragons.

Release Date: January 10


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