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Janhvi Kapoor’s Asks A Photographer If He Wants To Sit In The Car With Her And Her Banter Has Us Chuckling

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Some people revel in going out and being around people all the time. These are the kind of people that don’t need as much space and their sense of personal space, is well, not there. I don’t belong to that category. I need my space, my privacy. I sure as hell would not be able to handle being around people all the damn time. That makes you think, do our celebrities like it? How do they handle the paparazzi crawling into their space? Do you think Janhvi Kapoor likes being followed around- going to gym, coming back from the gym, going to lunch etc etc . She really is a hot favorite of paps nowadays, does she really enjoy facing the paparazzi every time she leaves her house or is, she just used to them buzzing around her? (I don’t know which is worse) We can never really be sure, but she sure as hell is super nice to them.

After her debut movie, Dhadak which released in 2018 Janhvi has become one the most sought-after star kids today. Everyday, we see pictures of her in adorable outfits trotting around the city- working, gymming or just chilling with friends and honestly that sounds like every other 22 -year old’s day. Yesterday, she was papped coming out of an office, nothing unusual there. What was unusual was her interaction with the paparazzi that were outside waiting for her. When she came out of the office, doing his job the pap asked her to pose for a picture with she flashed a smile at the camera for a split second and started walking saying “why are you’ll walking behind me,”  in a playful manner. When the pap followed her to the car, she got in and asked him “gaadi mein aana hai humere saath?” (Do you want to join me in the car? To which the pap replied saying. “No thank you.”

It’s very common to see paparazzi following celebs everywhere they go and the celebs either posing for them or just blatantly ignoring them. It was highly refreshing to see Janhvi’s banter with the paps and it’s clear she has a fun sense of humour.

On the work front, Janhvi has a full plate. She is currently working on Gunjan Saxena biopic which is all set to release on March 2020. She is also working on Kargil Girl, Takht and Netfix’s Ghost Stories.

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