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Janhvi Kapoor When Asked About Nepotism, Said She Recognises The Privilege. Finally Someone Who Acknowledges It

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I think by now it is an established fact that topic of nepotism is a never-ending debate. While some say that it isn’t fair that star kids automatically get huge movies as soon as they dip their toes into the industry and the “outsider” must struggle for years to just be in a movie, others claim that you can’t blame the star kids for being born into the family. If you think about it, both sides make a lot of sense and like most debates, there is no “winner” or right answer here. All there is, is your perspective on it.

The way I see it when you are a star kid, it sure does open up like a hundred doors for you. But you also have some major shoes to fill. If you are an outsider, you struggle, give about a hundred auditions, do a few commercials, then probably a small film. After all, that, if you make it you make it, there is no guarantee of any kind. But again, even star kids have that guarantee so I guess it kind of evens out.

Now that you have heard both sides of the story (in a nutshell), I think you will appreciate how maturely Jahnvi Kapoor treated the matter as much as we do. You know how after Kangana Ranaut started this whole thing back in the day? Of course, you remember, she won’t ever let anyone forget but that isn’t my point. Basically, after that, every star kid has gotten asked how they deal with it right? And they all have varied answers, it has made my job so much more fun.

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Coming back to Jahnvi, she was interviewed by Rajeev Masand recently and while they had a long talk about her career and life in general, what really stood out to me was how she tackled his question of nepotism. Rajeev asked her whether she has become thick-skinned about comments about nepotism and privilege. Her reply really brought a lot of things in perspective for us.

She said “I think it is the acceptance of knowing it won’t end, more than being thick-skinned about it. You know at the start (of the interview) I said I was very low on esteem? I really believed that there are so many people out there that are dying for this opportunity and I got it. And, am I forcing myself down people’s throats? Just because I love this so much, am I really worthy of being here? And I was really down and out about it. That was such a stupid mindset to go into because I have it now, I might as well give it my everything. Even if that is not enough, I will find ways to do more.”

I have heard a lot of star kids say a lot of things about nepotism. Janhvi’s was, by far the most refreshing take I have heard. It shows how hard she is willing to work and how much of herself she invests in her movies. She is aware that there are nearly 300 people who migrate to Mumbai every day with essentially the same dream as hers.

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Rajeev’s next question was whether she thinks that her privilege is a responsibility. She replied saying, “Of course, yeah. You need to acknowledge that there are people out there that might not even get the opportunity to audition, let alone get the film. And you are here living your dream and they are going to be watching you thinking like mein yeh kar sakti thi ya mein yeh kar sakta tha isse kyon chance mila sirf kyonki yeh iski beti hai? (I could’ve done that, why did she get a chance, just because she is his daughter?) I think you need to acknowledge that and you need to be understanding. But I think I should just be thankful and use it to my benefit because I am getting to fly helicopters and work with Pankaj Tripathi and sit on like Rajeev Masand’s round table. So, I might as well, I need to make the most of it.”

After I read this, the first thought that came into my head was how realistic she is. I mean she could’ve just as easily said something condescending about “problems” that come with being that privileged (ahem, like Ananya Panday), but she chose to understand and be grateful. After watching this interview, I can say without a doubt Janhvi has earned herself one more fan.

On the work front, Janhvi has a full plate. She has finished shooting for Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl and Dostana 2 and will begin shooting for Karan Johar’s Takht soon. She also made her Netflix debut with Ghost Stories just this month.

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