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New Programme By Jaipur Health Department Will Help In The Early Detection Of Breast Cancer!

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We have been talking about breast cancer for a while. In fact, we have the whole month of October dedicated to it. But even then, breast cancer has been a silent killer of thousands of women around the world. Are we perhaps not taking any concrete steps towards prevention?

The Health Department in Jaipur is addressing this problem at its root. The department is planning to introduce a programme for early screening in centres soon. Women above the age of 30 visiting district hospitals will be encouraged to go in for a breast screening. This will be done even if they have dropped in for any other health concern. This will be only a basic screening, and only if there is a lump that needs further investigating will the woman be referred to expert doctors.

To further allow for implementation of this, each district hospital will have 2 female nursing staff to conduct the clinical breast examination (CBE). This examination will not require any further expenses at the patient’s end.

Earlier this year, a study revealed that the survival rate of breast cancer in India is really low. “The major reason for low survival rates of breast cancer in India is that the awareness about cancer and its treatment is very low. The cases come to us at third or four stages where treatment is difficult. The normal screening of breast cancer in Indian women is very low. While in Western countries, breast cancer screening is normal routine in healthcare,” said Ravi Mehrotra, director, National Institute of Cancer Prevention And Research.

We applaud the government’s initiative to encourage early detection of breast cancer, and hope that other states follow suit.


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