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Jacqueline Fernandez To Make Her Netflix Debut As Mrs. Serial Killer! And We Can’t Wait

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If at all I were ever to be asked, what are the few things that help me survive on the daily, I will unapologetically be millennial in my answer and say – coffee, WiFi and Netflix.  The very basic, but a perfect survival pack for almost about anything – from boring days at work to bad breakups. Honestly, Netflix has been there more for me than my ex ever has.

So naturally, when the news about one of the chirpiest actresses of Bollywood, Jacqueline Fernandez, entering the Netflix family came around, we lost our marbles. Okay, maybe I did because I am easily excitable. She is to star in Netflix’s thriller Mrs Serial Killer. Directed by Shirish Kunder and produced by wife Farah Khan, the webseries is going to tell the story of a wife whose husband is framed in serial murders and is imprisoned. To save him, Jacqueline has to perform a murder exactly like the serial killer.

If the storyline was not intriguing enough, the first look of the actress that is shared on Instagram, both intense and provocative, makes us curious. The film is going to be one of the 10 Indian original films, that the streaming platform has announced it will be releasing.

The actress also took to Twitter to announce her excitement. The movie is slated to release later this year and we honestly can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

Most of Jacqueline’s roles have been that of a girl-next-door and this could be a role that breaks her out of that mould. Plus, it’s the season of good thrillers and this one promises to be interesting.


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