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Siddharth Malhotra And Parineeti Chopra Talk About The Kangana Spat At The Launch Of Their Song Zilla Hillela!

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There used to be a time when it would be days, sometimes even weeks before a new song would come as an up and trending number and entertain us through our metro rides back home or during boring lectures, or even in clubs during parties. Sometimes the dry spell of not having a new song to groove to would be so bad, we would be forced to go back to the ones we’d dumped. But that time is not now, especially with all the new Bollywood numbers dropping in day after day, hour after hour. And the recent one that made it to our list is Jabariya Jodi‘s Zilla Hilela.

The song that dropped just a few hours ago, and it stars Siddharth Malhotra in a very desi avatar, dressed in a pair of white pants, dramatically colourful shirt and with a mouth full of gutka.  Elli Avram on the other hand looks like a vision in pink, as she sways to beats, doing thumkas that would put an average desi girl to shame.

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The song is peppy, thumping and full of so many colours it looks like a canvas of dancing stars. And even though Parineeti Chopra was missing in action in the song, she was fully present during the song launch today with co-star Siddharth Malhotra. The press conference had them addressing various questions from how it was like to shoot in Lucknow to what their take is on the current water crisis in the country. And while all was asked and answered, one topic that the duo couldn’t dodge was the recent spat the journalists had with Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut.

When the two were probed , Siddharth said, “We should not take it personally. We are here for work and you all (journalists) are here for work. We didn’t call you all here to make a mockery of things. I also have friends in the media and we are respectful towards each other. I think this was a personal matter but on a professional level. ”

Parineeti Chopra on the other hand said, “I have known many of you all from the time I joined the industry, so there is a friendship between us. We talk about many things but I hope this friendship is not misconstrued as we are always dealing with matters about actors being misquoted. I think both sides should maintain a friendly relationship but also keep it professional as a lot of reputation is getting affected. Everyone needs to be more responsible.”

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And we wouldn’t disagree. As a part of both, the actors and journalist’s profession, interaction with and interdependence on each other is inevitable. In that case, there needs to be an effort from both the sides to maintain and also extend a professional courtesy and we think the Jabariya Jodi did well to deliver that message. Diplomatic, yes but it works.

Jabariya Jodi also stars Aparshakti Khurana, Sanjay Mishra, Javed Jaffrey, and is set to release on August 2, 2019.


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