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It’s Pawssible! This Woman Has Been Travelling Around The Country With Her Pets

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It takes a million things to plan a perfect trip. The hotel bookings, the flight tickets, the clothes you want to take, the people you want to travel with, and when you can get leave from work. And if you are a pet parent, where do you leave your furry babies when you are gone. Questions about how well they will be taken care of, if they will be fed enough, and whether they will get enough love, all plague your mind. 

What if you didn’t have to leave your doggos behind? Divya Duggar is doing exactly that. She’s taking her best friends on a journey with her around India. She captures the entire journey in pictures, posting them on her Instagram, so we get an insider look into what goes into travelling with pets. 

She also lists the struggles she faces on her sojourn. From not-so-friendly people to some hotels that might not be willing to have them over, she documents her stories on the platform. Her idea? To create awareness about travelling with pets, make people adopt more indies, and be of help to pet parents everywhere. 

Sounds ‘pawfect’ to us. 

Follow her journey here


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