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It’s Neena Gupta’s Birthday Today. And Here Are 5 Times She Proved That Age Is Just A Number

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Though she doesn’t look it, Neena Gupta turned 61 today and we just wanted to celebrate all the awesome moments that she has given us. From unabashed and cheeky candidness to her on-point social media game, I really hope at 61 I am half as cool as she is. Neena is living proof that is always better to make your own path rather than blindly follow the herd. 

She is talented, stylish, well-spoken and her unconventional views are a real game-changer. Besides, how can anyone not be a fan of hers considering she is so relatable?

Here are five times she proved to us that age is nothing but a number! 


Her “Why can’t women fart and burp” post

The thing about Neena Gupta that I love is that she doesn’t believe in adhering to social norms. In a video that Masaba posted on Instagram, Neena raised some very vital questions that I have asked my mother a thousand times and gotten yelled at for. Questions like- Why can’t women fart? Why can’t they burp?  Why can’t they sit however they want to sit? Her non-conformist views are a part of her charm. But seriously, why can’t women fart and burp? It’s very normal. 

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Her social media game is on point

Neena Gupta turned 61 years old today, but her social media game can give any millennial a run for their money. If you have ever scrolled through her Insta feed you will see that her posts are amazing (like that video), her captions are super witty and she knows how to pose – something I cannot say for myself. She is one of the very few veteran actresses who are still relevant today and it’s all because of her impressive gram game.

Only she can pull off golden sneakers on the red carpet

I know this was a while ago, but I had to mention this considering it’s one of my favourite Neena Gupta moments. She walked down the IIFA red carpet wearing a neon-green one-shoulder dress and super blingy golden sneakers. It was then I knew that fashion is what you make of it. This moment of hers was seriously damn cool!  

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Her husband and marriage advice is so cool 

Unlike most women her age, Neena Gupta has some extremely progressive and savage views on marriage and partners. Not only does she approve of “husband ko istemaal karo” for free massages and pampering but when her daughter went through a divorce, she said she’d rather have her daughter in a live-in relationship. Yep, she is just that open-minded and awesome. She once posted a video on Instagram telling her viewers why they should never fall in love with married men. How can you not love her bold candidness? 

Her fashion game is mind-blowing

Neena Gupta can rock a mini dress as seamlessly as she can pull off a saree and not many 60 something-year-old women can say that. Her fashion game is undoubtedly fabulous and the reason behind that is simple- she’s always just herself and comfortable in what she is wearing. I mean, she really is one of the most stylish women in the industry. Obviously, having one of India’s most successful fashion designers as a daughter doesn’t hurt at all. 

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