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Italian Tourist Raped In Mumbai, And We Are Still Claiming India Is Not An Unsafe Country!

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Recently, a survey revealed that India was the world’s most dangerous country for women. Of course, the government dismissed it, claiming that it was all opinion and didn’t have any backing in data and was, therefore, probably incorrect. As we mentioned in this article, even if it is all opinion or conjecture, the image of India and the safety of women in the country is going to be questioned. It taints the country and while we may not see immediate repercussions, it’s bound to affect tourism.

On the heels of declaring the report false, comes a news story that confirms everything we feared. An Italian tourist was raped by a taxi driver in Mumbai on the pretext of showing her around the city. The victim left the city, went to Bengaluru, then to Delhi and registered a complaint with the Italian embassy there.

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As news reports like these become a daily occurrence, is it surprising that we are actually considered an unsafe country?

Maybe it’s time to take cognisance of the fact that women are unsafe and scared. That the women who come visiting are as unsafe and that this is going to all turn out quite badly in the long run. And no, brushing it under the carpet isn’t serving any purpose.


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