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Israeli Airport Blocks Ads Telling Women To Keep Their Seats!

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If you’ve been flying low cost airlines, you’ve long given up on the luxury of choosing your seat. Because you’ve to pay extra for it. Now, some women in Israel have been giving up their seat of choosing because of, well, their gender. And mostly, not voluntarily. Most have been moved by the cabin crew because orthodox, religious men do not deem it fit to be seated next to a woman.

One woman, 82-year-old Renee Rabinowitz took offense to being discriminated against this way, and took it to court with the support of Israeli Religious Action Centre (IRAC), which campaigns against gender discrimination and segregation. The judge ruled in favour of Renee. Following this, the IRAC wanted to display ads on billboards asking women to ‘keep their seats and that no crew member may ask them to move.’ Oh, such a basic request you would think. Well, not for everyone!

These ads did not get approved by the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) for having political and divisive undertones.

So while women don’t have to give up their seats, they still probably do despite the ruling. Well done, Israel.


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