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Ishaan Khatter To Bring Sexism Back With Ishq Vishk’s Remake

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Remember Shahid Kapoor’s debut movie Ishq Vishk? The one where he behaves like an asshole, ignoring a sweet girl to chase a hot one realising much later the folly of his ways? He became an overnight star after the movie released and girls were going gaga over him. Young girls loved the movie and it made us happy because, in the end, the guy realised the value of the girl’s genuine affection. But when we grew up and understood the realities of life, we asked ourselves, was it really a happy ending? Also, how sexist was this movie? So, now that the movie is being remade, guess who they approached to play Shahid’s role? His half-bro Ishaan!

According to a report by Pinkvilla,  “The makers are currently working on the script for the movie. Ishq Vishq was very young in nature, and hence, who better than Ishaan Khatter, who exhibits the required charm and innocence for the role. Apparently, the idea has been discussed with Ishaan but that’s it.”

Honestly, we do believe that Ishaan would fit the bill, considering it’s going to be a teen movie. But why take someone who resembles the actor in original? We mean…do you really need to invest all that money in remaking a movie without adding novelty to it? But mostly, do we really need to watch a movie that regressive? Like, Shahid’s character Rajiv has been a complete ass in the movie, and basically almost all male students of the popular college he attended are exactly like him.

So Rajiv’s stud friends are planning a trip to Alibagh and he is allowed to come only if he has a girl along. Now a normal guy would ask such lame ass f**ktards to go to hell, but our narcissistic hero actually wants these studs to like him. And since no girl would actually date him, he decides to pretend to be in love with his childhood pal, Payal. It’s horrible on so many levels – faking love is in itself bad, and taking advantage of your friend’s feelings?

Add a ton of misogynistic ideas to a total lack of empathy, and you have the entire male cast of Ishq Vishk, strutting around the college objectifying women. Someone who is fully covered and shy, is basically a behenji. To infiltrate the “cool” set of peeps, you have to be in minis and date a f**kboi. And honestly, we are offended even on behalf of the mini-skirt girls because they were portrayed as “easy”.

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At the end of course, love makes Rajiv a better man, or so they’d like us to believe. Anyhow, if someone is remaking this movie, can we please find a more progressive plot? We don’t want just a refurbished Ishq Vishk! But if Kabir Singh can be such a success, we guess this one, will make money too. There are takers for anything these days!

On the work front, Ishaan Khatter was last (and first) seen in Dhadak (remake of Sairat) alongside Jahnvi Kapoor.


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