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Is Bollywood So Out Of Ideas That We Are Swearing By Soda Cans Now?

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It’s the little pleasures of life that are the most satisfying. A steaming hot cup of chai in the monsoons, playing with a pupper, a good movie are some of the things everyone takes great joy in. Similarly, another thing that invokes happiness in us is a good Bollywood song. No matter how much we love grooving to Alesso and Hardwell they don’t even come close to the way we can let go while dancing to a good Bollywood song. Sadly though, over the last decade Bollywood songs has seen a major drop in quality and every song sounds essentially the same. What I’m trying to say is we have very little originality left now. The songs that aren’t remakes of our beloved classics are only about a guy singing along to some Punjabi lyrics that not only make no sense but frankly are borderline sexist. And if you can understand the lyrics, they are so bad, they make your ears bleed.

Joining that club is the song Pepsi Ki Kasam from Sonam Kapoor’s newest venture The Zoya Factor. Earlier this week, Sonam took to IG to release the new track, with the caption “Say bye-bye-bye to your Wednesday Blues ’cause our track #PepsiKiKasam is here. Watch it NOW!,” She had also shared two pictures of her look in the song before.

The song opens with Dulquer Salmaan holding a Pepsi can, posing for what seems like an endorsement shoot, we also see Pepsi cans stocked up in the next sequence. We realise product placement is a major feature of movies but have some subtlety, Bollywood.

Pepsi Ki Kasam is shot in a garage looking nightclub with blinking neon lights and numerous background dancers, just like every other song. Dulquer is mouthing lyrics while Sonam is seen dancing at the back of every sequence wearing all black outfits. In fact, her look is very similar to what she had on in Tareefan, so we were had to backtrack to check that we hadn’t accidentally ended up in that song. She is sometimes seen straddling him on a bike or pressed against him on a jukebox and their chemistry is kind of thanda. They break into the hook step together which consists of throwing the metal hand sign around and then swaying of hips when the chorus goes “Tuje Pepsi ki kasam, kar nakhre thode kam.” (You swore by Pepsi, lessen your tantrums) Is this what our songs have come to? Songs about swearing by Pepsi cans and lyrics about going to movies and eating burgers at food courts?  At this point, it’s so uncreative, I could write about my day and make a song about it. Except no one wants to know how my heater gave up and the help and I had to indulge in random conversation while she heated my water so I could shower. Or maybe you want to? I mean, if you ask, I could write this song out and it wouldn’t even reference any soda can. It would be, in these trying times, a sparkling original.

The Zoya Factor is all set to hit the theatres on 20th September. It’s about an ad-executive Zoya, who becomes the lucky charm for the Indian cricket team. It’s based on Anuja Chauhan’s 2008 novel of the same name.

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