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Ira Khan Says Depression Doesn’t Always Mean Self-Harm Or Drug Use. We Love How Vocal She Is

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You know, when we think about what life is like for star kids, we tend to focus on their privilege and disregard their struggles. I mean, life isn’t all glamorous parties, luxurious holidays and Instagram for them, is it? Maybe they don’t have to work as hard to get opportunities in Bollywood but other than that, their life isn’t much different than our own. They have their own struggles to deal with and most of those stem from the same things that make us envious. Amir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, for instance, has been making videos about her own struggle with depression since October 2020. She is doing this to help others who are battling mental health issues and we love her for always keeping it so real.

In her latest video, Ira is talking about how her depression manifests itself. She says that she doesn’t do the things people usually associate with depression, like self-harm or use drugs. In her case, there is a voice in her head that tells her to push forward and bottle up all her feelings. Hence, in intervals, she crashes and experiences burnouts. For Ira, it’s a vicious circle that she wants to put an end to but on the other hand, doesn’t want to lose the voice in her head because that’s what drives her. I am sure there are so many people out there who will be able to relate with Ira Khan. I know, to a certain extent, I do too.

In her video, Ira Khan says “A few weeks ago, I started to feel better from my burnout. At least I started to regain some sense of stability in my life and normalcy. And I was talking to someone and I was like, even now there is a part of me that doesn’t believe me. That thinks I am just overreacting. And it’s because of the way in which my depression manifests itself. I do not do drugs, I do not harm myself, I do not drink too much, I do not have too much coffee, my depression does not work like that. I do not have immediate life-threats. That is not how my depression manifests.”


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Ira Khan goes on to talk about how she is trying extremely hard to not burn out again but it is inevitable because she piles things up which eventually come crashing down. She also said even though she doesn’t want that to happen over and over again, she doesn’t want to get rid of that voice in her head because that drives her and keeps her grounded. And hence her therapist suggested that she should change the tone of that voice.

In the caption of her video, Ira talks about her plan to try and find some balance. It reads, “There are lots of parts to me. This is a conflict between two of them that very seriously effects my attempts at healing from my overall depression. But the burnouts are getting longer so now I have to try harder. The plan is to reduce the frequency and intensity of my burnouts. I don’t need to change my entire being and functioning. Working a lot isn’t a bad thing, trying to do a lot isn’t a bad thing – not always. There’s a point after which it gets unhealthy. That’s what I need to find. That balance. Because working also brings me joy.”

Every time I watch these videos where Ira Khan is talking about her depression, I can’t help but think about how courageous she is. Putting yourself out there, on social media, and talking about the things that make you vulnerable can’t be easy. Having said that though, her videos are relatable and inspiring even. Mental health doesn’t get talked about as much as it should and it’s celebrities like her who are changing the narrative and we are all here for it.

More power to Ira Khan!

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