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Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s Daughter, Probably Wants To Stay Behind The Camera. She’s Making Her Directorial Debut With A Play

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I have always been highly ambitious. I have wanted to make my own career in a field of my choice and not just blindly follow the footsteps of my parents. And I’ve heard it all, “why struggle when you can simply take over your fathers’ company?,” “Just do what your mom did, she made it you will too.” Etc. etc. I’m not saying joining your family business is a bad idea, for some people its their goal. It just wasn’t mine. Luckily for me, I have highly supportive parents. I think of this every time I listen to someone cribbing about nepotism in Bollywood. How is that any different than joining your fathers’ company? Though now, the limelight belongs to star kids like Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor and Ananya Pandey who are rapidly rising to fame as actors. And while the conversation about star kids will continue to enrage, not all of them want to be on screen. There are a handful of them who want to work behind the camera.

Aamir Khan’s daughter is suddenly one of the most talked about star kids. After the “Who are you” photo shoot that broke beauty and fashion stereotypes, Ira is back with yet another surprise. Unlike most star kids, she is choosing to work behind the camera. A few weeks ago, 22-year-old Ira took to Instagram to announce that she will be directing a play (no, not a college drama club play.) A professional theatre play which will be an adaptation of Euripides’ Greek tragedy Medea and we are eagerly waiting for the curtains to roll up.

Making her directorial debut, Ira chose Hazel Keech to play the titular role of Medea. Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to talk about this with a highly adorable post.  In the post, Ira is down on one knee presenting the script of Medea to Hazel asking her to play the lead character and of course, who would be able to refuse? The caption reads, “SHE SAID YES.”

A day later, the British-Indian actress reposted the picture with a caption full of praises for her “sweet little Ira.” The caption read, “After being away from theatre for almost a decade im back in the Greek Tragedy Medea…. playing Medea!!! This is doubly excited because A. Im back to theater, my first love and B. My sweet little Ira is directing it!!!! Im impressed more and more each passing day with her clarity and conviction of what she wants and is trying to achieve and by her confidence and self-esteem she has at such a young age. Im so proud to be working with you on this Tich, love you.” We aren’t sure whose post was cuter but one thing we are sure of is that this is going to be one hell of a play.

Apart from Hazel, the cast consists of Ira’s brother Junaid Khan in the lead role. Some of the other actors featured in this play will be- Varun Patel, Sabreen Baker, Nolan Lewis and Divyesh Vijayakar.

Since Bodyguard in 2011, Hazel has kept busy. She worked as an associate producer on an international project and has also graduated in regression therapy. She is now all set for her comeback in theatre with this play and we can’t wait to see this star kid grow her wings!

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